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Behind every successful electronic networking system there are not only servers, protocols and scripts but also the people who make it work: the techies, and all those networkers networking for change. We'd like to hand this space over to you!

Here are a few of the messages that we have received from our friends and partners around the world in response to our invitation to celebrate the life of GreenNet:

We all owe gn, our mother!, gratitude for what has been done in Africa.



(Moussa Fall, EndaSynevev, Senegal)

We join you in spirit and sent our best wishes and prayers to you. I have such fond memories of our association and enjoyed working and making that difference in this world.

GreenNet has been a very important link and the work of so many has gone into making it happen. Nothing of significance happens without sacrifice.
We wish you all the success and many more years to come
We are thrilled and delighted to share your joy with you at this event.

Suchit []

All friends at GreenNet,

what can l say, 15th already and looking at the website, GreenNet will continue on for many more years to come l am sure.

Have a very happy birthday as we in Malaysia thank you all for your support.



Dear GreenNet ,

EBONet staff wish you all the best and success.

You should be very proud because of an important role GreenNet , have played promoting Internet connectivity in Africa.

I still remember, back to 1994, all the support Angonet received from you . If ANGONET is still doing well, part of the success is also GreenNet success too.

Since 1996 ANGONET ( is offering full internet access to local NGOs using EBONet co-location facilities. ANGONET is more focusing on information and training services. In 1996 , telecommunication services were liberalized, then we created a private IT company PAcomm,Lda (, to offer internet-working services. The first commercial ISP, EBONet ( started in October 1996. We are doing well , yesterday was our 5th anniversary.

By the end of this year we expect to extend EBONetCorp wireless backbone to cover most of capital city and install our own satellite hub. As you see, besides the war, besides all the problems weíve been facing and the problems we still have, it was possible to realize a dream , Internet and new information technology market is growing in Angola.

Thanks for everything , lots of love,


Great to hear from you!

What a surprise! GreenNet's 15th anniversary! No words to thank GreenNet staff for excellent job that you all have done to African countries during those difficult "net years". It is as if I am standing on a hill top and looking at the springs that flow in to a river.

GreenNet was/is one of those springs.

Not much has changed in this world- the noble idea of low cost and cooperative communication, raising voices of marginalized people, women and men on issues that haunt them daily remains.

Keep up the good work.

Our best wishes and prayers to your further success in the future. I am very much thrilled to share the event.

I wish I had joined you this time,

Happy 15th Anniversary to GreenNet!


Dear Karen, Chris, and all friends at GreenNet,

Happy anniversary! Now that I am better familiar with APC's history I realize that the work of GreenNet in the last 15 years has been historically important for the development of civil society world-wide. What you have done in the fields of electronic communication, civil society networking, women rights and freedom of Internet is historically remarkable.

There is a lot that we at BlueLink have to learn from GreenNet's experience, and we are happy and proud to be your partners and friends. We wish you an excellent party, and we will drink a glass of Bulgarian wine to your health and GreenNet's success for the following 150 years, as a start :)

Cheers, and nazdrave.
Pavel, on behalf of BlueLink's team

Dear Karen and friends at Greenet!

Congratulations and Hearty wishes to you all on the 15th Anniversary of GN. It has been 15 years of tireless and dedicated service. All of you at GN have certainly earned this cause for celebration and I wish you all A Happy get together.

Four Cheers to GN!!

The contributions that you people have made to the use of ICT in the social sector all through Asia,Africa and other parts of the world, are truly commendable. There are many of us all through these regions who will give testimony to this for years to come.

Above and beyond all these great achievements in helping build the regional networks, what stands out more significantly is the spirit of love, friendship, understanding, solidarity and trust that we shared. These are the core values fundamental to networking, the GN team gave to all of us.

I wish to thank you all for this on my own behalf, on behalf of IndiaLink and on behalf of AsiaLink.

Have a great celebration!



Everyone at GN,

A huge congratulation on making it 15!

I look fondly back at time when GreenNet singularly provided us the only link to the world.

GnFido truly made many of us what we're today.

Accept my personal appreciation.

May GN have many more years of this wonderful service and spirit for generations to come

GN -- you have many admirers allover Africa.

Charles Musisi.

Dear Karen and GN Colleagues,

15 years is a long time - even if we perceive it different - because of the activities we are absorbed in. I'd like to congratulate you for your sound results on these hard times, and especially for bringing APC in Europe. GN is an example for us - and we are proud of you as well.

Thank you for the invitation - we can not attend in person, but we will toast to Green Net and APC definitely here in Romania on November 16th.

We wish you the same success for the years to come, and more.

La Multi Ani and Egeszsegetekre!


on behalf of StrawberryNet

GreenNet means a lot for a lot of people around the world... for me, it was a great host to try to work on the WNSP (Womenís networking support program) web design, a starting point to get involved in WNSP work and the better excuse to become you friend.

Is a very nice thing that you will take one night to celebrate GreenNet's work, team, experience... I hope that during that night you feel all of us thinking about you!

All my love,


Who uses GreenNet?

GreenNet has developed specifically to support small to medium sized organisations, in particular, activists and NGO's. GreenNet hosts web pages for organisations whose work is consistent with our mission, which is to work with movements for peace, economic and social justice, human rights and environmental sustainability around the world. Check the drop down menu below for a clickable list of all GreenNet User's web sites.

And what do GreenNet users say?

About GreenNet support, Joyce from Genetics says:
"GreenNet are like a support stocking, and all the rest are just pants! I often had technical problems, and I have always found that GreenNet staff were ready and able to help - sometimes outwith their normal office hours. There was none of this business of hanging on for ages waiting for impersonal call centres to answer, and I don't think I've ever had GreenNet not return a call when they promised to."

Another comment:
"GreenNet's ethos as a co-operative, serving causes related to social and ecological justice... if that costs something in comparison with, say, Freeserve, then perhaps this is the inevitable cost of building the 'right relationship'."
Alastair McIntosh

"Your work to counter and stall, derail, defang and maybe even abolish the RIP bill has been pretty impressive. To watch a well coordinated campaign unfold by resourceful, committed people is enlightening."
J. Stoneman (just another hippie in Oregon USA)


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