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    • Isis International-Manila - the 'They're on the ball and they're all women and they're all fantastic' award..
    • Psychedeliscope - 'I'm an ageing hippie' award, favoured for jaw-dropping graphics..
    • Web pages that - for the 'Web pages that suck' award..
    • Bargain Holidays - for when it all gets too much and you just have to burn some untaxed subsidised jet fuel and destroy more coral reef..
    • Tourism Concern - use in conjunction with the above..
    • Urban 75 Best mix of satire, activism, rave culture - and a variety of slightly dodgy web-games..
    • Rocksolid - 'Best Christian Games Site' award (play Adventures with Chickens)..
    • Comoros Telecom - 'Heroic Dedication to Animated GIFs award'..
    • Hotwired - 'This is the site I visit most days for news or web design tips' (genuine, unsolicited, quote!)..
    • The Art of Tibet - 'Best Tibetan Art Site' award..
    • Whatis - The 'A girl can't live without it' award. Absolutely every techie thing, and more..
    • BBC Sci-Tech - the saintly BBC with another winner..
    • Womenaction - nominated for 'A great new Womenaction site'..
    • Thai amulets - Obscure (unless you're Thai) but beautiful cultural artefacts..
    • The Weekly - a distinctly absurd UK version of 'the Onion' (top US satire site)..
    • The CIA Factbook 1999 - Strange as it may seem an excellent & easy-to-navigate source of useful general information on countries worldwide...
    • Corporate Watch - Top political site - a great watchdog on corporations (although with a slight US bias), but the links are an excellent source of information..
    • Need to Know - Top techie site - excellent 'geek' gossip, if a little impenetrable at times. Still worth stopping by for the irreverend take on latest computer issues..
    • Bad Subjects - political education for everyday life..
    • Famafrique - best logo, and a great women's site for francophone Africa..
    • Flame/Flamme - another great women's site and clever use of a French/English name..
    • British Telecom - The 'Corporate Triumph-of-style-over-substance' award..

    • WTO: still the main story - we recommend as best site Third World Network; we have a collection of other sites..
    • Bhopal 15th anniversary 3rd December; Corporate Watch reminds us what happened when Union Carbide released 80 tons of cyanide gas, and looks at the dangers of 'toxic trade'..
    • IOCA? RIP? An FAQ, and how the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill could become law (and how we can prevent this)..
    • Chernobyl was re-started, and then shut down six days later (on 2nd December) after a leak. The story is in Nandotimes..

    • Electronic communications and the proposed changes in the law: an FAQ, and a collection of relevant links..
    • Third World Network - GreenNet's top WTO site - if you only look at one site this should be it; plus GreenNet's page of essential WTO links..
    • The 1990 Trust and the National Assembly Against Racism: innovative scheme offers shares in anti-racism to help Mal Hussain and Linda Livingstone. Any extra money will be used to help victims of racist violence..
    • Launched on 25th November the Women Action 2000 website..
    • Karakoram, Hindu Kush and more: climb into the Millennium with Basecamp..
    • Caucasus Reporting Service (IWPR) - Issue 7, November 19, 1999: a weekly analysis of events and issues in the Caucasus, from conflict in Chechnya to crises and democratisation in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan ..
    • Human Rights Watch 25th Nov - Sharif Trial in Pakistan: rights group urges reform of Anti-Terrorism Law which infringes civil liberties; and a warning that a declaration of martial law in Aceh could trigger more violence..

    • Launched on 25th November the Women Action 2000 website..
    • GreenNet comments on the implications of the legislation relating to Internet users of the Queen's Speech, with a press release; an appeal and warning to our users in the form of an FAQ, and a collection of relevant links..
    • World Trade Organisation meeting in Seattle (N30) - page of links..
    • Race bill a 'sell out' - comment on Queen's Speech by BLINK..
    • Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine launch an appeal for funds for their campaign to end vivisection completely..

    • A full background resource on Armenia: Human Rights Watch...
    • Ecologist Magazine latest newsletter article 'Ending the nuclear century'...
    • Global Women's Electronic Network Training Workshop for Beijing +5 report and photos. Subscribe to the Women and the Media global forum starting 8th November..

    • "Never a leaf moves in Chile without my knowing of it." Latest on Pinochet in our Pinochet focus page including news of secret US/CIA government files..
    • Conscience - more on the Military Expenditure (Conscientous Objection)Bill to be tabled 18th October and how you can support it..
    • 'Day of 6 billion' Oct 12th - an IGC women's news posting argues this is 'population alarmism' with an anti-women, anti-people of colour agenda, condoning human rights violations..
    • See our East Timor focus page for a full page of links updated regularly..
    • Our Right to Communicate page replaces and incorporates the IOCA ('wiretapping') focus, but is expanded to cover all threats to the freedom to communicate..

    • See our East Timor focus page (last updated 10th September 1200hrs) for a full page of links. Tapol has press releases which you can use as the basis for an email to the Prime Minister whose e-mail address is given, and BCET has details of vigils and demonstrations..
    • What is 'Enfopol 19'? Why was it restricted (until it was leaked)? Find out here, and the implications for the UK..
    • The astounding on-line opera "Auslaender und Staatenlose", by the designer of this website Andrew Garton of Toy Satellite, has won the John Bird award for 'excellence in an on-line production 1999'..

    • Proposed legislation could force ISPs to tap your mail for the police and be legally prohibited from warning you. Read the background to this and our submission to the Home Office..
    • You can donate money and provide practical help for victims of the earthquake in Turkey through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies' website. There are appeals for help with tracing missing people, and for materials, on the BBC website. Or telephone the British Red Cross on 0171-201 5250..
    • Several court cases are pending around Trident. Read more in the Summer newsletter from the World Court Project. Trident Ploughshares have several updates on the recent arrests at the Coulport Trident Ploughshares camp..
    • The same objective, independent news about the Balkans heard on Radio B2-92 in Belgrade is again available on the web as a daily digest with headline updates every hour...

    • Is the Labour government secretly contravening the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty on nuclear weapons research? Read the press release from CNDUK. And should nuclear weapons be taken off alert over New Year to avoid millennium bug nuclear catastrophe?..
    • The Women's Environmental Network reports on its waste prevention project at Old Spitalfields Market, and is there a link between the environment and breast cancer?..
    • Global Express argues both sides of the GM food debate for a school audience in Monster tomatoes or bumper harvest..
    • Community Music in central London has new projects, courses and events of interest to aspiring musicians and music lovers..
    • The same objective, independent news about the Balkans heard on Radio B2-92 in Belgrade is again available on the web as a daily digest with headline updates every hour...
    • London21 - for action in the community is now online with a searchable directory of organisations working towards sustainability..

    • London21 - for action in the community is now online as a conference, news and resource site dedicated to bringing together organisations and people discussing an appropriate future for London and its government..
    • Help celebrate South Africa's Women's Month 99 - find out why August 9th is Women's Day, links to news and many other resources, and send a colourful postcard..
    • New on the Singaporeans for Democracy website: 'jingoism fatigue', haze from forest-fires on Borneo, and 'Corruption part III' highlights the astonishing talents of the incorruptible Lee family..
    • The Pesticides Trust is co-ordinating a campaign to ban Lindane which the EU has recommended should be banned as highly toxic but is still widely used in the UK; please report sightings of Lindane..
    • Article 19 has issued a press release on the assassination of Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam in Colombo on 29 July 1999..

    • The latest issue of Broken Rifle, War Resisters International's newsletter. It includes articles on Kosovo, and details of a forthcoming seminar on The Changing Face of the Military, in Steinkemmen/Bremen, Germany..
    • Russian ISP refuses to spy on customers: TechWeb News has the details..
    • The Pacifica Radio network's 'voice for the voiceless' KPFA Berkeley CA radio station is under threat, minority broadcasting is being axed, and mass e-mailings are requested to petition the station director..

    • CND Yorkshire highlight the military objectives behind the Cassini space probe, arriving near you on 18th August with 32.8kg of plutonium on board..
    • Despite increased toxin levels in breast milk, breast is still best according to a press release from Babymilk Action..
    • Tourism and human rights, Zanzibar, Burma and Vietnam: reports from Tourism Concern's newspage..
    • Permanent Waves is a project that is providing training and access to women into radio; join the discussion forum..
    • The Greenpeace Arctic Action website is launched, and IGC's press release gives the background..

    • Vigil for East Timor - 17th July, 1 - 3 pm, Indonesian Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London - to mark the anniversary of the annexation of East Timor by Indonesia; latest news of attacks on UN observers on Timor Today..
    • Student Action India has links for volunteers and a new Fair Trade page..
    • Read the Women in London's press release on the London Irish Women's Centre's trade union survey launch on 15th July..
    • Ireland is one of the most racist countries in Europe according to a recent report highlighted on the Blink website..
    • Friends of the Earth's Factorywatch site won a runner-up award at the 1999 Yell internet sites of the year awards ceremony held on the 7th of July..
    • Kosovo crisis:censorship, Montenegro and other updates from the  Institute for War and Peace reporting; the Balkan sunflowers for Balkan Refugees site has close associations with our APC partner ZaMIR's site in Croatia ..

    • Crisis in Kosovo: updated 14/6/99 - June 15th is Netaid 2 - a day of live music forums supporting independent broadcasting in the region.
    • Whales - even though the IWC meeting is over, the whaling issue is still a priority for Greenpeace, and is still a "hot" issue. Please sign their petition here.
    • Paul Mobbs discusses putting the theory of activism into practice, and provides information and resources on taking action.
    • Tapol release a statement on the 'dirty war' being waged by the Indonesion army in East Timor.
    • June 18th - International day of protest, action and carnival aimed at the heart of the global economy.

    • Crisis in Kosovo: updated 4/6/99..
    • Tapol feature an article on exploitation by UK mining company Rio Tinto in Indonesia..
    • June 18th- International day of protest, action and carnival aimed at the heart of the global economy..
    • Teaching IT and development - Useful online educators' guides with student synopsis and development questions from University of Manchester..

    • Crisis in Kosovo: updated 27/5/99 - Amisnet launch a campaign for a mobile studio to allow Radio B92 to resume broadcasting independent news in the area..
    • Black Information Link - BNP linked to the nail bombing in Brixton..
    • Inter Continental Caravan- get the latest details on the event which brings over 500 activists from across the globe to Europe to bring the concerns of the south directly to the north..

    • Crisis in Kosovo: updated 20/5/99..
    • New Campaign Against Depleted Uranium launched after Hague Appeal for Peace conference..
    • Looking for ways to sustain your organisation while staying true to your mission? With the support of IDRC and Carnegie Mellon University, APC and our member networks have put together a Mission-Driven Business Planning Toolkit
    • GreenNet member Antislavery International are campaigning against the use of children as camel jockeys in the Gulf States - see their appeal..

    • Crisis in Kosovo: Links to information and resources -updated 15/4/99..
    • Help B92 - Appeal to support Serbia's only independant Radio Station which has been closed down by the authorities..
    • Genetically Modified Food - take a look at our new links page for useful information on a range of GM topics..

    • Jack Straw rules that Pinochet can be extradited to Spain - see our links page

    • Crisis in Kosovo: Links to information and resources..
    • Serbian opposition radio station B92 has been banned from broadcasting and the editor-in-chief Veran Matic detained for questioning by the police..
    • GreenNet member IWPR reports on the current crisis in the Balkans..

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