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GreenNet Newsletter: Autumn 2000


Redesigned Website/
Global Roaming/
Web Based e-mail/
Attending your AGMs or meetings/
New PGP training course/
Trial our amazing web publishing software/
New 0845 Number/
Rate Changes/
Quarterly Billing Ending/
Prompt Payment/
Training Dates/
BT surftime/
Old computers for project work/
Technician in Scotland/
Advertise your job vacancies with us/
ICANN results/

GreenNet is happy to announce a new service for every day of the week.....
Monday: Our redesigned website
Our ever popular website has been revamped in an effort to make it both more attractive and easier to navigate. This should mean that you are able to find the information you need quickly and easily. All of the sections are easily reached from the main page and we have included some new sections, including our 'Actions and Campaigns' page. This will focus on our own campaigning work, as well as highlighting the campaigns of our extended user community.
If you would like to tell us about the work you're doing, please write to: A revamped 'Issues and Themes' section gives you a comprehensive list of websites and organisations indexed by category. We have also included a handy index of all of the websites we host at the bottom of the front page. We hope that you like it. Your feedback is important to us; please e-mail your comments to

Tuesday: Global Roaming
Global roaming gives you local internet dial up numbers in over 100 countries. You can use it to send and receive your Greennet e-mail or surf the web almost anywhere you go by using some very simple dialling software and Outlook Express as an e-mail program. Ideal for people who travel and need to use their own computer. This facility is available for PC and Mac users who have an e-mail account with GreenNet. It costs 17.63 (including VAT) per year plus call charges. For more information including manuals, call costs by country and an online application form see:
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Wednesday: E-commerce
Do you have a website with us and need to take credit card details online? Do you need to use your website for selling? We can offer you a well-priced secure solution. Secure ledger allows you to take credit card details and information online using secure ssl technology costing 105.58 annually. We also have a Snap-Sell Shopping Cart system, which creates a whole catalogue of products which you can customise for your site allowing users to browse through and make secure on-line orders costing 175.08. E-mail Liz at for more info.

Thursday: Web e-mail
Now you can check your mail via the web, hotmail style, by logging on to: and following the yellow link to Web E-mail. To log in, your username will normally be the first part of your e-mail address preceding the @ sign. If your e-mail address was your username will be green. The password is your normal e-mail password. This facility allows you to read and send your GreenNet e-mail from any computer with an Internet connection in the UK or worldwide.

Friday: Attending your AGMs or meetings
If you have an AGM, meeting or other public event coming up, GreenNet would like to hear from you. GreenNet representatives are available to give talks, presentations and workshops on anything from using the Internet for online campaigning to the history of GreenNet. Call Joanne on 0845 055 4011.

Saturday: New training course
Our new course covers using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), the very popular encryption software. You will learn to obtain and install PGP, send and receive encrypted e-mail, digitally sign documents, save encrypted files on your hard disk and exchange encrypted attachments. We will also cover anonymous web browsing and some information about general Internet security. The course is on Tuesday 21-11-00 at 5pm and we will run an afternoon course and cost 47 including VAT bookings contact:
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Sunday: Trial our amazing web publishing software
We are looking for a some organisations to trial some revolutionary web publishing software. Newslisting is designed to allow you to display news items on your website and update them using a form in a web browser. The information can be embedded in a frame on a web page or you can have all of your news items on a separate customised page. We have set up an example page at which shows what newslisting looks like and how your organisation could use it. We have a very limited number of trial packages available on a first come first served basis to users who contact with the subject line: Toolkit. News listing will be generally available to users in the New Year. Look out for more information and prices.

Monday morning: Call us on our new phone number
We have a new phone number for voice calls to our office and support line: 0845 055 4011. Calls to this number are charged at local rate wherever you are calling from in the UK. So, if you need to ask us about any of the exciting services we have announced, call us now.

Rate Changes
From the 1st February 2001 we are raising the cost of our organisational membership from 200.00 + vat to 250.00 + vat. Please do not be alarmed by this! It still represents amazing value for money. The cost covers: domain name registration of any type of domain. 3 e-mail accounts, 20MBs web space and virtual e-mail forwarding and free technical support. We have carefully considered this new price by comparing costs with a wide range of other ISP's and we know that it is still extremely competitive.

Quarterly Billing Ending
As of the 1st February we have decided to only invoice monthly or annually, in order to streamline our billing service. If you wish to set up standing orders or pay by auto Credit Card to overcome the hurdle of moving from quarterly to monthly billing let me know.
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Prompt Payment
People are starting to pay more promptly. THANK YOU. When invoices are overdue, I will send 1 e-mail stating the amount owed and that the account will be suspended in 7 days. I must be notified within this period otherwise it becomes too time consuming to send more than one reminder. If users are going abroad then please let me know in advance or consider setting up a standing order. Thanks Hattie
Any comments on the above please e-mail me at

GreenNet Training Dates......
GreenNet's Internet and e-mail courses are designed for both beginners and intermediate users. We cover: how the Internet works, getting connected, navigating the web, search engines, mailing lists, address books and much more.

Beginners Internet and e-mail:
First Tuesday of every month.
Evening class start 6.30pm at GreenNet's offices.
23.50 GN Users. 35.25 Non GN Users.

Using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP):
Learn how to use PGP to send and receive encrypted e-mails using this easy to use software. We will also cover anonymous web browsing.
November 20th 5pm
47 including Vat.

Our Web design courses are an excellent foundation in designing your own website. Starting with the bare HTML you will learn how to design and build a website and learn everything you need to know to put it all on line.

Introduction to Web Design weekend workshops:
November 27th & 28th (Monday and Tuesday)
December 9th & 10th
January 27th & 28th
176.25 GN Users. 352.50 non GN users.

For more info and bookings e-mail
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BT surftime
We are receiving a lot of enquiries about whether GreenNet intends to be a participating ISP in BT's surftime scheme. Here is an explanation of the scheme and the reason why we cannot join.
Surftime gives you unlimited access to the Internet by paying a fixed monthly fee to BT. You have to pay additional money to subscribe to a participating ISP to connect to the Internet. The catch is that the participating ISP then has to subsidise your calls by paying BT for your access to their network.
GreenNet is a small ISP and the subscription we charge you covers our running costs and doesn't leave room to subsidise calls on the scale that surftime would require. Our mission statement binds us to use any profit we make to fund worthwhile projects and not line BT's already very rich pockets.
We continue to look out for schemes that will help you reduce your call charges and we will keep you informed of any suitable recommendations.

Old computers for project work
GreenNet is on the lookout for old computer equipment. We are interested in any PCs with a P166 processor with 16MB ram or above to use for IT projects in the UK and worldwide. If you have any redundant machinery of that specification that you can donate we would like to hear from you.

Technician in Scotland
Good news for users in Scotland. We are happy to be able to recommend Araucaria Computing to any of our users in Scotland. It is a company run by Chris Booth, a computer technician and IT trainer who has been associated with GreenNet and the NGO community in London for a long time. Phone 0131 554 3467 or e-mail
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Advertise your job vacancies with us
We have a new 'jobs and volunteering' section on our website that you are encouraged to add your job and volunteer vacancies to. E-mail any job ads to

APC-ICANN campaign: the results
APC would like to thank everyone who helped in our efforts to get good civil society candidates elected to the ICANN Board. Our work was not in vain. From our point of view, the final election results were better than we expected. Three out of the five candidates elected were pro-civil society and/or pro-development candidates that APC recommended.
For a breakdown of the results in each region:
Thanks to everyone who collaborated in our campaign. While the ICANN at-large election process presented challenges, we think the fact that three of the five elected candidates are good civil society representatives shows that we were right to take advantage of the opportunity the elections presented; to introduce a civil society perspective in Internet governance.
We now need to pressurize the ICANN Board to make sure that voting takes place as soon as possible for the remaining four at-large seats that the Board originally agreed should be elected ones. We will keep you posted on developments and look forward to working together again to get good candidates elected to these remaining seats.
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