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GreenNet Newsletter: Autumn 2002

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GreenNet services
Fixed Rate Internet Access (FRIACO)*
GreenNet introduced Friaco as an optional add-on service to your current membership in September. We are undertaking this for a trial period of 6 months for £14.00 plus VAT per month. The user to port ratio (contention ratio) is 6:1 with 100 hours access per month. This is a good quality connection - our aim (as always) is to provide you with a high quality service and support. If you are not sure you would benefit, we suggest looking to your phone bill. If your quarterly phone bill for dialup is between £50 and £100 you would certainly benefit. For those of you whose bill for dial-up exceeds £100 per quarter, we suggest you consider ADSL/broadband (GreenNet does not currently resell these services).
For further information and the application form please follow this link (and click on 'Friaco application form').

*This service does not work with NTL

Web design
GreenNet staff have extensive experience working alongside individuals, organisations, NGO's, campaigning groups and charities. We are always available to discuss projects and we welcome proposal requests, tenders and project briefs for websites of any size. If you would like to organise a meeting, please contact Anna You can look at various options and sites we have designed here.

ActionApps: Easy to use, dynamic websites
ActionApps is a database tool that allows easy publishing of online content. Publish content on your website in less time with less hassle and with better results, using ActionApps - a brilliant, affordable web management tool. ActionApps cuts out the time and effort that lies between writing your content and getting it online. Have a look at some of the sites that are already benefitting from ActionApps' dynamic content management:

Sites designed using ActionApps
We have recently worked on a major project developing the Electronic Immigration Network (EIN) site:
October 18th marked the completion of a 10 month long project at GreenNet to re-fit the Electronic Immigration Network's website. It was launched at a ceremony at the Law Society. The site is now being powered at every level by ActionApps. This allows for content from 6 complex databases of legal material (legislation, case law reports, country reports, online legal resources, a calendar, job vacancies) to dynamically update the site. The 16,000 documents which have been added so far are all retrieveable using a key-word activated search. Subscribers to the site are also able to avoid information overload with an amazing bundle-maker. This facility allows users to browse through the site, filing documents or excerpts from them, in personal bundles. The site has become a crucial resource for anyone working in the field of immigration. Not surprisingly its new improved functionality is well received by users. This has been a major project for us at GreenNet. Thanks to EIN for supporting GreenNet and our commitment to Open Source software. We would also like to highlight the wonderful work of Marek and Anna at GreenNet and thank them for their dedication and commitment to the project!

Another site just completed is: IFI Watchers Network
The IFI Watchers Network connects organisations worldwide which are monitoring international financial institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. This site has been developed using Action Applications to create a database driven calendar. This means that groups from around the world can use a form to post information on events relevant to others working in the same field. Bretton Woods Project is leading the development of the calendar, but intends it to be a global resource updated and used by many diverse groups around the world. The idea grew out of the realisation that organisations watching the international financial institutions world-wide needed to focus on the way they worked as much as on what they worked on. While the calendar served as a concrete first step, the evolving network might eventually be used to share FAQs, newslinks, resources, meeting notes, and contacts as well as to coordinate and strategize collectively. Accessibility issues are of paramount importance: The network hopes to provide a platform for groups which do not have their own website as well as provide content to groups who have their own site but lack the resources to keep it fresh. By using the Action Applications the calendar can be updated from anywhere using a web interface. The resulting calendar will eventually be dynamically displayed on many of those organisations' websites, enabling them to share the content effectively. It is already being displayed on the Bretton Woods Project site. For more information on IFIwatchnet contact Jeff Powell

Contact GreenNet about ActionApps - If you are interested in seeing how a simple ActionApps page can fit into your website, call us on 0845 0554011 or via email, and we can set up a trial page for you to try out (with no obligation to buy).
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Support News...
Anti-Spam Tool
If you missed the messages we sent out, or have not noticed any changes to your incoming emails, a new tool has been activated at GreenNet! This tool works by adding *****SPAM***** to the beginning of the subject lines of all Spam messages, before they get dropped into your mailbox. You will then be able to easily identify and delete the unwanted mail either manually, or by setting up filters in your email programme (details here on how to set up filtering). The tool is not completely foolproof - e.g. mistakes can be made with mailing list messages - and so the tool re-labels your Spam messages, rather than deleting them from the server. It relies on mechanically identifying messages as Spam according to a rigid set of rules. Without the benefit of human judgement, it can make mistakes, so we do recommend you double-check the senders of any messages with a Spam label, before deleting them.
If you have any queries, please email us

BugBear Virus show down
Thanks to GreenNet's technical team, we were able to block a major outbreak of the bugbear virus/worm amongst our members at the end of August. We received an alert from the continent indicating that bugbear would soon reach the UK and so were able to put a filter in place to stop most of it.
All major AntiVirus programmes are capable of detecting BugBear. If you have not updated your AntiVirus programme's virus definitions for a while then doing it now might be a good idea. Read more information on the BugBear virus here and information on latest viruses here.

Project News...

APC WNSP (Women's Networking Support Programme)
APC Women participated at the Ninth International Forum for the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID). With some 1,300 participants attending from 105 countries around the globe, the Forum which was held in Guadalajara, Mexico from October 3-6 focused on one of the most urgent issues facing gender equality work: How can we reinvent globalisation to further the rights of all women?
APC's WNSP held three workshops on the Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) which is currently being tested by groups working with technology for social justice around the world. Two workshops were held in English and one in Spanish. Other presentations included a panel on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), a women's networking workshop facilitated by WNSP members from Mexico and South Africa, and participation in a panel looking at strategies to resist dominant communication industry trends. As usual, the WSNP also pitched in to help run the onsite cyber cafe.

The Women's Networking Support Programme GEM initiative (Gender and ICT Evaluation Methodologies) is well underway in its regional testing process. Workshops have already been held in Cuernavaca, Mexico and Manila, Philippines with our third planned for Zanzibar, November 19-24th. 16 testing partners are working with the GEM team to incorporate gender accountability into their ICT Initiatives and programmes, with 15 or so more planned for ongoing testing between now and September 2003. A CEE GEM project has been recently launched and there are also plans to develop GEM modules for Francophone world, Arab world, and are exploring the possibilities of developing a module for the UK and Western Europe. If you are interested in participating in the GEM UK phase please contact us (we are currently investigating funding opportunities).

Building Citizenship in the Information Society: APC CIPP (Communication Information Policy Programme) and the APC WNSP at the Global Communities Networking Partnership Congress (GCNP).
Over 350 community networkers, activists and academics attended the third GCNP Congress in Montreal, Canada, Oct 7-14th. The agenda dealt with issues ranging from the future of community networking to the promotion of online cultural diversity and pluralism to building citizenship in the 'Information Society'. APC co-coordinated the Internet Rights Theme with the GCNP organisers. The Internet Rights theme events were all well attended, with APC CIPP/WNSP staff and APC Members presenting in over 10 plenaries, workshops and training sessions. The GCNP congress finished with a half day session focussing on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process, where APC's plans for supporting Civil Society organising and strategising around WSIS were well received by conference delegates.

GreenNet's upcoming Trainings… Web design using dreamweaver
The December date for GreenNet's web design using dreamweaver training is 3rd and 10th of December, 2 consecutive Tuesdays. The training is from 10.30-17.30 both days.
This is a change of date to what was previously advertisted. We have found that it is useful for trainees to have a break between training dates as it is a very practical course, the break enables you to spend time working with what you have learned and the chance to come back with questions.

...more about Web design using dreamweaver... The course is intended for those with some computer experience and includes practical hands-on project work. By the end of the course you will; understand the principles of the World Wide Web; have a practical understanding of how to build, update and publish a web site using Dreamweaver; understand the key principles of web design & site promotion. We try to organise training times that will suit our users so if you would like to organise a weekend training or suggest alternative dates (we occasionally run the training as a six session evening class), please contact Joanne on 0845 0554011, or via email.

Changes in GreenNet staff
We are sadly having to say goodbye to Anna Feldman, GreenNet Web Projects Developer. Anna is leaving GreenNet the first week of December to go on to Adis Ababa, Ethiopia. There she hopes to continue her work with the APC, providing and developing web-related training sessions for small NGO's. Anna has been an asset to the GreenNet collective, being a driving force in taking forward the development of, and training in using ActionApps for both GreenNet members and the wider APC community. We wish Anna and her family every happiness on their adventure.

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