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GreenNet Newsletter: Autumn 1999

Happy X-mas and Millennium from the GreenNet Collective


New Rates/
How will this affect you ?/
Billing Issues/
Obtaining your new services/
Discounted Training/
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)/
Hush Mail/
GreenNet e-mails/
Global Roaming/
Christmas Closure/
New Staff and volunteers/
New Training Courses/
Children's Website/
Training Dates/

As promised in previous newsletters we have now finished a revision of our rates, which will take effect on 1st November 1999. This should involve a decrease in rates for the vast majority of our users, a simplification of our different types of rates and an increase in the types of services we offer. We now have four membership packages to choose from. All the prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.

New Rates

#Standard membership
Intended for individuals, small organisations. Services included:

~Free registration and start up CD
~Single (pop3) e-mail account
~Unlimited access to the Internet
~Up to 4 optional extra addresses
~Access to news server & future password protected web site areas
~Access to global roaming service (via UUNET)
~5 MBs of free web space (Note no phone or e-mail support for the web space)
~Discounted training
~Full support for the e-mail service

Price: 11.75 monthly or 117.50 annually

17.63 extra charge if you require disks and printed manuals.
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#Secondary membership
Extra separate e-mail accounts to standard or organisational rate.
Intended for: People who wish to get cheaper extra full e-mail accounts. Services included:

~Free registration and start up CD
~Single (pop3) e-mail account
~Unlimited access to the Internet
~Up to 4 optional extra addresses
~Access to news server/password protected web site
~Access to global roaming service (via UUNET)
~ Discounted training

Price: 5.88 or 58.75 annually
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#Organisational membership
Intended for more ambitious individuals, small NGOs, medium NGOs, other collectives or offices. Services included:

~One-off registration fee of 29.38
~Start up CD including software, manuals & APC newsgroup list
~Up to 3 (pop3) e-mail accounts or e-mail & newsfeed via UUCP, Microsoft Exchange etc. to a Local Area Network or LAN
~Unlimited access to the Internet
~Free UK domain or GreenNet subdomain registration (.com, .org or .net extra)
~Domain style e-mail addresses (e.g. or forwarded to your e-mail account ( LAN)
~Access to news server/password protected web site
~Access to global roaming service (via UUNET)
~Virtual server, with 20 MBs of fully supported web space included if required
~Group discount training rates
Price: Registration of 29.38 and 23.50 monthly or 235.00 annually

#APC information membership
Intended for people with other e-mail accounts who want to access APC/IPS information. Services included:

~Free registration
~access to news server & future password protected web site areas
~Discounted training
~Full support for that service only Price: 35.25 annually

These prices represent the basic rates for membership accounts. We still offer a host of other services including domain name registration, virtual e-mail forwarding, virtual servers, e-mail lists and bespoke training. Rates for all of the above services are available on request.
E-mail: for more info
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How will this affect you?

Billing Issues
All of the billing issues will be handled automatically. If you currently subscribe at our standard rate of 15.86 per month on the 1-11-99 the rate is dropped to 11.75. If you currently subscribe to our domain bundle package, you will automatically be put on our organisational
membership rate. Please contact our billing department with any queries.

Obtaining your new services
As well as reducing our prices we have tried to include new services with each of our membership packages.
Our standard accounts now come with 5 meg of free webspace. Your Url will be: We will have the process automated in the near future but for now contact our wwwadmin department to get set up. E-mail:
Please note that the free webspace does not come with logs, statistics, telephone or e-mail support. Most of you will be eligible for additional aliases and in some cases additional e-mail accounts.

Discounted Training
*Discounted Training: For most accounts you will get a discount of 33% on our standard rates, this makes our evening introduction to the Internet course only 23.50. Subscribers to our organisational rate get an on-site morning or afternoon training session for no more than 6 people for a mere 94 !
Users wishing to take advantage of extra aliases, e-mail accounts or who have enquiries about training should contact us. E-mail:
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I have had encouraging and positive feedback about a short article I wrote about e-mail encryption in this month's support digest. Here is an abridged version of the article. We would like to be able to offer our users the facility to communicate with us with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) in futureand also hope to be offering training in PGPin the new year.
Being able to transfer e-mails and attached documents securely over the Internet is a growing issue of late. Security is a concern both to individuals and to organisations. Civil society organisations especially will have an acute awareness of the need for absolute privacy when communicating in cyberspace.
Here are a couple of possible solutions for people who want to send and receive encrypted e-mails.

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
PGP is the most popular and strongest public encryption software available.
The system is limited by the fact that all parties must be running PGP in order to exchange messages, but it does offer unique encryption that might take years to break.
You can obtain an international version of PGP for free by following the link below. It is quite a large file, about 6 meg, so it could take up to 45 mins to download with a 28,800 modem. For both PCs and Macs:
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Hush Mail
Hush Mail is a secure web based e-mail service similar to Microsoft's Hotmail. Account holders use a web browser to log on to the hush mail website to send and receive and read e-mail over a secure connection.

GreenNet e-mails
Most of our users are on our e-mail lists, one for important messages, newsletters and support digest and the other for alternet news.
We are aware that some of you don't receive our e-mails and if you would like to subcribe to either list please contact us with your details. E-mail:
We can remove users from the support list but would prefer it if you just deleted unwanted messages as some message are very important.

Global Roaming
Global roaming will allow you to send and receive your GreenNet mail via local dial up numbers in Western Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.
This facility is provided through UUNET and uses their global point of presence numbers to get local Internet access whilst travelling.
Take a look at for information on costs and practicalities and for a list of point of presence telephone numbers.
We have now concluded the Global roaming contractwith UUNET and will give you more information as we receive it.
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Christmas Closure
GreenNet's offices will be officially closed from 2pm on Friday the 24th of December and re-open at 10am on Tuesday the 4th on January. We will not be open for telephone calls, but will be picking up messages from the answerphone and responding to any e-mails sent to We will have technicians monitoring our systems during the whole period.
We would like to wish all of our users a happy X-mas and millennium !

New Staff and volunteers
Hattie Yannaghas is the latest addition to the GreenNet collective. She will be joining us as a part-time administrator on 15th November. Hattie has a degree in Third World Studies and a long background in the voluntary sector including working with Peace Brigades International and Centrepoint.
We have a number of new volunteers at the moment.
Anna Feldman used to work for Sangonet the APC member in South Africa before coming to GreenNet. Anna is helping out with developing new IT training and with the Women Action 2000. Her six month old son, Felix, is immensely popular with staff especially the editor of this newsletter.......
Nicola Webb is with us as a marketing and press vounteer.

New Training Courses
Do you want to learn how to use Microsoft's Frontpage 2000 web design software package? Adrian Harris, our in house web designer, wants to hear from you. He recently ran a prototype training course that proved very successful and wants to know from you about future demand.
We're also considering running our very popular Introduction to web design course over a series of weekday evenings in addition to our monthly weekend courses.
Contact Adrian Harris for more information E-mail:
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Children's Website
As part of our redesign we're devoting part of our website for children and young adults. It's very much in the research stage and may only be a page of relevant links, but we are open to suggestions. If you have any inspirational ideas for us or any links please e-mail Anna Feldman. E-mail:

Training Dates......
Beginners guide to the Internet and e-mail: evening class starts 6.30pm

November 16th (Tues)
December 14th (Tues)
35.25 Non GN Users
23.50 GN Users

Introduction to Web Design weekend workshops:

13th & 14th November
18th & 19th December

176.25 GN Users
105.75 unwaged GN users
352.50 non GN users

E-mail: for more info and bookings

Please send your comments and suggestions to
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