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GreenNet Newsletter: September 2004 SPECIAL

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GreenNet Newsletter: A quarterly e-bulletin for our user community on strategic uses of the Internet to promote social justice and equality. From GreenNet, an online community for peace, the environment, civil rights and social justice since 1986. Past issues of GreenNet Newsletter:

GreenNet Services


GreenNet has reshaped its services. The new services can be found as usual on our services page

The changes in services reflect the change in our members' needs. As announced in the previous newsletter we stopped offering Standard Membership as many of our members already use broadband. Therefore, we have separated the connection part and the E-mail part of the traditional Standard Membership. This allows you to keep your E-mail service with GreenNet but chose your connectivity (broadband, ADSL, ..) from a longer list of options. Note that if you have an existing Standard Membership you can retain it if you want.

Some of the highlights of the new services:

- Home / Activist Membership with an E-mail account, 50MB of web space and your own GreenNet subdomain
- Reduced charges for domain name registrations
- A new option to combine web forwarding and E-mail forwarding for your own domain name


GreenNet is now offering broadband internet in cooperation with the Phone Co-op. This means that the broadband service, support, and billing for it will be done by the Phone Co-op. It allows you to stay with GreenNet as your E-mail and hosting provider while using the Phone Co-op for connecting to the internet at high speed. As mentioned above, GreenNet offers a new membership, Home / Activist Membership, to complement this.

In order to apply for broadband go to the GreenNet Connect page, select your choice of broadband and click on the Subscribe Now button. This will take you to the application form for The Phone Co-op's broadband services.

GreenNet Connect

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GreenNet Move

GreenNet will, once again, be moving offices, from posh Angel to trendy Shoreditch. We will be moving on Thursday and Friday 2nd and 3rd September 2004. We expect that telephone and email support availability will be very limited during those two days. We hope that our answer phone facility will be available, but please do not rely on this being the case.
Additionally, sites hosted on the Windows NT server will be unreachable while the machine is being moved from Angel to Leonard Street.

We would like to apologise for any incovenience caused by this.

We are taking up residence in a new building managed by the Ethical Property Company, at:
56-64 Leonard Street
EC2A 4JX. 

*** Users do not need to change their dial-up connection or E-mail details ***

*** Our main support number remains the same, 0845 055 4011 ***

Our fax and international telephone numbers will change to +44 207 0650 935 (international) and 0207 0650 936 (fax).

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Support News


Since the end of April, GreenNet has been using a new and currently very effective method of enhancing the ability of the mail system to limit the amount of spam that is delivered to your mailbox on a technical level. Currently, the method's effectiveness reaches over 95%. Theoretically, no legitimate mail should ever be permanently blocked.

The method known as "greylisting" is based on the simple observation that, while ordinary mail system behaviour is to attempt to deliver the message repeatedly in case of a temporary failure, most of the spam is being delivered through special applications, which appear to adopt the "fire-and-forget" methodology. We setup our servers to refuse the first delivery attempt, and only accept the second and any consequent ones from the same sender to the same recipient.

Although the method has been designed to minimize the impact on
the end users, due to its nature you may have experienced some
delays in email delivery. If you should have questions or problems
let us know so we can improve the system.

As a result many users observed a significant decrease in the amount of spam they have received since we have introduced greylisting. We have also had many messages praising this fact. There have also been cases where even big internet services providers were not adhering to the technical standards of E-mail delievery which caused bounced messages. We have developed the system to recognise these "faulty" senders with the help of our members. At this point we would like to thank all of you for your patience and understanding.

Further reading:

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New GreenNet Sites

GreenNet is Proud to Announce ...

...Two Great New Websites - more valuable content online, innovatively organised, dynamically published, driven by open source technologies, developed by GreenNet, and populated by...

European Social Forum UK 2004
a unique opportunity where social movements, trade unions, NGOs, refugees, peace and anti-imperialist groups, anti-racist movements, environmental movements, networks of the excluded and community campaigns from Europe and the world can come together to discuss how to achieve global social justice for all and debate ways of making 'another world possible'.
Visit the site to buy your ESF pass online, submit proposals for events and find out what others are proposing.

Privacy International
A human rights group working as a watchdog on surveillance and privacy invasions by governments and corporations. PI has conducted campaigns and research globally on issues ranging from wiretapping and national security, to ID cards, video surveillance, data matching, police information systems, medical privacy, and freedom of information and expression. The rebuilt site has a new interface, and a new database for all the old content and new stuff too - transforming it into a fantastic educational resource.

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Jobs And Volunteering


GreenNet is looking for a part-time - 1 day per week - volunteer to help the collective compile Alternet, our fortnightly social justice E-zine.
Alternet is emailed to GreenNet Users every two weeks, and contains news of events, campaigns, jobs, new websites, and publications, relevant to the work and lives of anyone involved in the UK social justice scene. Content is drawn from news we recieve from our users, and research we do amongst the broader activist community.
We are looking for an enthusiastic volunteer editor, with journalistic ambition, and an interest in the campaigning issues of Peace, the Environment, Gender Equality and Social Justice.

We will provide you with a space to work and the opportunity to network amongst an exciting and diverse range of organisations and people. You'll have the chance to develop your written communication skills and to explore the tools and techniques used as part of GN's unique approach to strategic use of the internet for campaigning.
For more information send an E-mail to Cedric Knight ( and look at the job description at

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If you have any questions about any of the news in the edition of our newsletter, please get in contact with us. We are happy to go
through any of the services outlined or any queries you may have.

This edition of the GreenNet Newsletter is edited by Liz Probert, Cedric Knight, Janet Chapman and Michael Moritz on behalf of the GreenNet Collective.

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