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GreenNet Newsletter: Spring 2000


Electro-what? The Networker of the year awards for 1999/
Lobby your MP for your Internet rights.../
Server improvements speed up mail and web
WomenAction Live!/
Eudora Pro is available free!/
Preview your e-mail messages with Pegasus mail/
Register your domain name.../
Magazine looking for contributors
Looking for networking opportunities../
Bye Bye Angel/
Training Dates....../
Happy Birthday APC/

Hi Everybody and welcome to the GreenNet newsletter for May 2000.
I hope this finds you all in good health and fine spirits. We would like to start off with a virus warning. A new virus called 'NewLove-A' has been discovered and it has some similarities with the recent 'Love Bug' virus. Like the Love Bug, the virus spreads by mailing itself to everyone in the Microsoft Outlook address book on the computer it has infected. It arrives in an attachment to e-mail just like the Love Bug that spread to millions of computers two weeks ago. However, it is not given away by an "ILOVEYOU" subject line. Instead, the subject line changes to the name of a file recently used on the computer it was sent from. If no files were recently used, it uses a random word or phrase as its subject, preceded by the usual "FW" abbreviation for forwarded correspondence. The e-mail will have an attachment with the same name, but ending in "vbs". So, please do not open .vbs attachments even if they do come from a trusted source with a credible looking name, and make sure you are using the most up to date definitions for your virus software. If you do receive a .vbs attachment, check with the sender that it really did come from them and they intended to send it or just simply delete it. Remember, you cannot get infected with a virus from just downloading an infected attachment you have to open the attachment for the virus to activiate.
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GreenNet is pleased to announce that 2000s Networker of the year award goes to.... Paul Mobbs for the Electrohippies Electronic Activism & Electronic Civil Disobedience Website. Their web site is all about using information and communications technology to effect social change and applying the tactics of street campaigning to cyberspace. The site is designed to bring you various resources to help you expand your skills and knowledge of activism and civil disobedience, and how these traditional campaign tools can be developed on the 'Net. During the last year Paul and his team have made an outstanding contribution to civil society activism with their simple, effectively designed website, e-mail and other useful electronic tools.

1st Runner up is...The Bretton Woods Project who work to monitor and reform the World Bank and IMF. The project tracks key policy statements and reports and provides critiques and early warnings used by non-governmental organisations across the world.
Alex Wilks of the project said We use (electronic methods) to pull in people beyond our core network...there has been a re-eruption of interest in the World Bank and the IMF and the Internet has played a major part in pulling in journalists to use our resources... Their Website has a brand new report published on it which you can reach from the front page...

2nd Runner up is...The Genetics Forum. This Islington based group is the only independent organisation in the UK concerned with the use of new genetic technologies and their public policy implications. They have just put a very well designed Website online which contains reports, information, news items, urgent actions and an archive of articles from the excellent Slice magazine.

Congratulations everyone and keep up the fantastic work! We would like all of our users to honour the featured sites with a visit.
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Lobby your MP for your Internet rights...
The Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) bill has now entered its committee stage and is being discussed in the commons on Tuesday and Thursday. It is unlikely that the clause defining serious crime as ...conduct by a large number of persons in pursuit of a common purpose will be removed unless people organise and lobby their MPs.
GreenNet recently co-sponsored the Scrambling for Safety Conference , a debate on the RIP bill. Alan Clarke MP, the minister responsible for the bill, was questioned about the serious crime clause. Whilst he admitted that people organising peaceful protests were not the target of the clause, he refused to give guarantees that it would be removed from the bill.
The rest of the debate comprehensively exposed the bill as ill thought out and unworkable in many respects.
A report on the Scrambling for safety conference, information about how to lobby your MP, and links to lots of information about the Bill is available at

Server improvements speed up mail and web
As promised we have installed a web accelerator and weve noticed a big improvement in service as a result. Incoming e-mail is much quicker and pages located on our Webserver load faster because we are making more efficient use of our resources.
We have a number of improvements and new services scheduled for introduction this year. We still remain committed to providing the global roaming service and have a technician working on it right now. We will be introducing a Linux Webserver later this year running the popular and robust Apache Webserver package. We will also be investing in major server upgrades specifically a new mail machine to speed up incoming mail. We will announce more specific information on these projects when they are completed.
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WomenAction Live!
Five years after The Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, a Special Session of the General Assembly entitled Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the Twenty-First Century will be held in New York on 5-9 June 2000. The mandate of Beijing+5 is to review the progress made in implementing the Beijing Platform for Action and to consider further actions and initiatives.
Three GreenNet Staff members will be joining the "WomenAction" team in a range of on-site and offsite media and communication activities during the Special Session and information will be uploaded on a daily basis to the GreenNet hosted WomenAction website and to a range of global and regional information sharing lists.
Some of the activities include production of a daily newspaper in 3 languages, onsite internet radio broadcasts, interactive Web TV broadcasts, an internet cafe and alternative media in a range of countries in addition to advocating for Women's Rights to Communication with the Women and Media Caucus. If you are interested in subscribing to one of the information lists, would like to volunteer as an information focal point or participate in any other way, please write to You can follow the whole session on the web at

Eudora Pro is available free!
Eudora Pro, previously sold for 29.99, is now available free! It includes many useful features including a spell checker, an improved interface, and a powerful personalities features which enables you to download e-mail from different Internet service providers. Other improvements include, more powerful mailbox sorting capabilities and importing of messages and addresses from Microsoft Outlook Express 5.
The software is available for both PCs (Windows 95/98 and Macintosh (Power PC processor, System 7.6 or above). The files are quite large 8MB for the PC version or 5.5MB for the Mac version so expect download times of about 45 minutes.
You are required to give Qualcomm your e-mail address before you can download the software; you can opt not to receive junk mail from them. The only catch is the presence of a small 2x2 panel in the Eudora window displaying adverts.
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Preview your e-mail messages with Pegasus mail
Would you like the facility to preview and delete messages before downloading them ? Pegasus mail allows you to do exactly that.
It isnt the most intuitive e-mail program to configure and the interface is not as easy to use as Eudora or Outlook so we are really recommending this for the more technically aware of our users. Once it is up and running you can delete unwanted messages from our server without spending hours trying to download them.
Sorry Mac users, but there is only a PC version available at the moment.

Register your domain name...
GreenNets service gives you the opportunity to register and store your domain with us for future use. For and the cost is 58.75 for the first two years then 58.75 annually. For .org, .com or .net domains the cost is 82.25 for the first two years then 82.25 annually. These charges are only for registration and storage, they do not include any additional services.
Once your domain is registered it is yours to keep and cannot be registered or used by anyone else. This is particularly useful if there are a lot of different organisations out there sharing your name!
You can pay a lower registration fee by registering a domain name as part of our organisational membership package.
For more details about domain names or organisational membership speak to Phil on 020 7713 1941.
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Magazine looking for contributors
Footloose, a London listings magazine, is looking for weekly contributions on civil society issues. They are interested in environment, human rights and development issues and the themes will change monthly. Interested? Contact Phil on 020 7713 1941

Looking for networking opportunities
Welcome to Andie Miller who has joined us for 3 months on an internship to learn web design skills. Andie works as resource manager for the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation in Johannesburg, South Africa. Andie wants to make contact with organisations who use the web to disseminate research to help her develop a best practice model.
Contact Andie on 020 7713 1941 or e-mail

Bye Bye Angel
No, were not moving offices, GreenNets Office Angel Nicola (world wide) Webb is leaving. We would like to thank Nicola for all her help and hard work during her time here and wish her every success.
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Training Dates
Beginners guide to the Internet and e-mail:
Evening class starts 6.30pm
May - 16th (Tues)
June - 13th (Tues)
July - 11th (Tues)
35.25 Non GN Users
23.50 GN Users

Privacy online using PGP:
Learn how to communicate with encrypted e-mail
Evening class starts 6.30pm
June - 20th (Tues)
23.50 - GN Users
35.25 - Non GN Users

Introduction to Web
Design weekend workshops:
June - 10th & 11th
July - 1st & 2nd
August - 19th & 20th
176.25 GN Users
352.50 non GN users

E-mail for more info and bookings
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Happy Birthday APC
The Association for Progressive Communications (APC), of which GreenNet is a founder member , is 10 this year, Congratulations!
The anniversary gives a special significance to this years APC Council meeting being held at Visegrad, Hungary on the 1st to 8th May. The APC will be announcing the winner of the Betinho Communications prize. The award, a commemoration of the inspirational life and work of Herbet de Souza (Betinho), a visionary Brazilian social activist, is awarded to recognise socially meaningful use of information and communication technologies.
APC will also be welcoming new members and the meeting will define APCs mission and vision for the coming decade. APCs continued membership of the Global Knowledge partnership (see last GreenNet news) will also be under scrutiny.
Newslisting, the first stage of the Toolkit project is due to be unveiled. Newslisting is a powerful software tool that enables you to publish news items on your website using a simple form, and to automatically share news items with other organisations. We will give you a full report in our next newsletter.
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