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GreenNet Newsletter: Spring 2003

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GreenNet Web Services...

***New*** GreenNet Action Kits
GreenNet is ready to release easy to use, very cost effective templates of various ActionApps that have been most in demand, called "GreenNet Action Kits'. These are a selection of the most popular dynamic website sections as ready-to-use Kits. Using ActionApps as a content management system means you can get:
> Action Alerts going on the web site as soon as they're emailed out on your mailing lists.
> News stories getting published online just as soon as they've been written.
> Forthcoming publications being flagged up on your website as soon as the press release is done
> Job vacancies being advertised online as soon as you've written the job spec.
> A calendar of events becoming a really useful tool for your users to find out what's coming up.
> The links to useful web resources on your site getting updated just as soon as you've heard they need changing.
... adding new sections of content-filled pages to your website has never been faster or simpler.

GreenNet Action Kits can be used to add new sections to existing sites, or form the basis of developing a new site from scratch and include:
- News
- Publications
- Jobs
- Calendar
- Resources

For further information and a price list, please email
More information about ActionApps here

New Action Applications Sites
GreenNet has developed a new dynamic calendar for Women's Aid, a national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children. The calendar has both a public and a members only display of events. The public can submit events (which must be approved by Women's Aid staff), and view the public events.

We have also been working on a new website which aims to enable any local area (town, city, county) to create their own Greenlinks Directory of local goods and services, community initiatives etc. with entrants filling in their own details online. This is a 'self-build green guide' which can have its own domain name but within the Gaia Coop site. The costs will be a fraction of a stand-alone database driven website and with the added benefits of contributing towards a vision of a national network of local directories. Participants in the Directories can communicate with each other by email links; also with the wider public, through a number of awareness-raising local events designed to encourage more 'eco-literate' lifestyles. Participants include local food initiatives, vegetable box schemes, farmers markets, recycling points, repair centres, community composting, green transport initiatives, sustainable woodland use, products, and crafts, opportunities for voluntary work in wildlife conservation, and so on.

"GreenNet's help in providing and configuring Action Apps software has been excellent and the example directory currently viewable on the website is offering the functionality and presentation of information in just the simple and effective way envisioned, including a useful search facility".
- Elaine Brook, Gaia Cooperative

Other sites designed at GreenNet - we've been very busy!

EURONET - The European children's Network - a coalition of networks and organisations campaigning for the interests and rights of children - has set up a web forum to allow young people to directly participate in discussions on the Future of Europe. Within this 'child friendly' discussion space, they can explore the themes of poverty and social exclusion, children's and young people's participation, childrens health and Education and the environment.

The E-Parliament is the first world institution whose members are elected by the people. It links democratic members of parliament and congress into a global online forum. Through the e-Parliament, legislators can learn from each other, monitor international agencies and work together to solve common problems. Everyone-parliamentarians, citizens, organizations, journalists-can participate in different ways.

The Safra Project is a resource project on issues relating to lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LBT) women who identify as Muslim culturally and / or religiously. Their new site offers information on social & legal services, sexuality, gender & Islam, plus reports highlighting the issues facing Muslim LBT women.

The Right Livelihood Award is widely known as the 'Alternative Nobel Prize' and there are now over 100 laureates from 48 countries. This Award exists to strengthen the positive social forces that its recipients represent and to provide the support and inspiration needed to make them a model for the future. It has been said that if the Nobel Prizes reflected world concerns of the 20th century, the Right Livelihood Award should epitomise those of the 21st.

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Microsoft security flaw
MicroSoft have found a serious security flaw in almost all versions of windows. Our technical team considers this as critical and recommends to update the affected part of Windows. A description of this bug in a module of all versions of MicroSoft Windows can be found on their website.

You can update your windows by opening in Internet Explorer. This will guide you through a semi-automatic setup process. If you are concerned about privacy issues then you may not want to use Internet Explorer and Windows Update since it is - at least - unclear which (personal) information is being sent from your computer to MicroSoft during this process.
You can either use an alternative browser - you can find one in our Support/Downloads section, or follow one of the links below for your version of Windows:
- Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE
- Windows Me
- Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition
- Windows 2000
- Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Edition

GreenNet Support forums

You may have read in the last GreenNet newsletter that we are currently revamping certain areas of our web site. As part of this process, we have introduced a new service - the GreenNet Support Forums.

The GreenNet Support Forums is a searchable database of queries and responses that will help you find information about particular ICT problems. This will not work if you don't give it a go! In order to build up a good bank of resources, you also have to share your ICT query solving experiences. We hope that the design of the forums will stimulate discussion, and generally strengthen the GreenNet community. This is part of our ongoing aim to encourage you to share resources and information to benefit your own networks.

You can go directly to the Forums or go via the GreenNet support page

Thanks to Michael for getting this off the ground.
We welcome your comments and feedback.

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Project News...

In the last newsletter, we mentionned Karen Banks from GreenNet was going to the WSIS prepcom in Geneva. Read about APC at the WSIS here.

GreenNet is now planning to organise an event to follow up on WSIS UK activities, and raise awareness around ICT policy issues for UK women's groups, specifically highlighting issues of security and privacy. This event will also be used to present the GEM (gender and ICT evaluation methodology) to UK groups, and to work further with groups interested in using it. The main aim is to work towards building a more cohesive network of gender and ICT advocates in the UK.

*Women with MegaBYTE - gender and ICTs*
This event will be hosted in London on May 20th and 21st, in conjunction with WomenConnect. The event will look at how women's organizations in the UK were using, are using and could be using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to sustain their work, challenge inequality and bring about social change. The event is free to attend. If you are interested in attending, please send an email to, including a few lines on what your organisation does and your role within it. Places are limited and we may need to select on the basis of this email.

GreenNet Educational Trust will also be launching an exciting new website tool around Internet Rights, in the evening following the event on the 20th May. This interactive tool will provide a jumpstart to help build a team of organisations and individuals that can respond quickly and effectively to UK and International Internet laws and policies. The hope is that both events will draw together existing expertise and knowledge and build a strong network, both to guide future work of the UK Internet Rights project and to lobby for the inclusion of Internet rights in policy and practice here in the UK, and in International arenas. Contact Heather for more information.

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GreenNet's upcoming Trainings… Web design using dreamweaver
The next web design using Dreamweaver course will run from
10.30-17.30 Thursday and Friday 22nd & 23rd May
11.00-18.00 Saturday and Sunday 14th & 15th June
To book a place or for details of future courses, please email

...more about Web design using dreamweaver... The course is intended for those with some computer experience and includes practical hands-on project work. By the end of the course you will; understand the principles of the World Wide Web; have a practical understanding of how to build, update and publish a web site using Dreamweaver; understand the key principles of web design & site promotion. We try to organise training times that will suit our users so if you would like to organise a weekend training or suggest alternative dates (we occasionally run the training as a six session evening class), please contact Joanne on 0845 0554011, or via email.

Advanced Web Design
There are a couple of people interested in advanced web design training but not enough yet to run it. The proposed training is also a 2-day training covering: templates, layout tables, flash buttons, layers, java script behaviours and electronic forms. We need a minimum of 4 people to run the course.
Again, email for more information.

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