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A Selection of Articles from GreenNet News: Spring 1994


Women working online
Gopher this and "go-fer" that...
United Nations Conference on Population and Development (1994 - Cairo, Egypt)
New APC members
Help support to help you

Women working online
In September 1995, the Fourth UN World Conference on Women (WCW), will take place in Beijing, China. A parallel NGO Forum is also being organized. Women's organizations throughout the world are preparing to attend the event and participate in the preparatory process and regional PrepComms.
APC offers a global medium for women's groups to exchange information, coordinate actions, and discuss proposals and positions. Particular emphasis is being given to increasing information flow to and from less developed countries. Women's groups have been highly active in recent years in creating international coalitions around issues such as poverty, domestic and sexual violence, legal rights, health, education, peace and the environment. APC can help by facilitating access to computer communications technology. In order to ensure that as many women's organizations as possible can benefit, APC has initiated a two-year program to support women's electronic networking. This includes technical assistance for women's groups, training in how to use the system and on-going information support. Whether you are interested specifically in the UN World Conference on Women, or generally in women's issues and networking, APC's resources can be of interest and assistance in your work. Contact the account 'womeninfo' on GreenNet for further details. A full list of the 30 conferences focusing on women's issues can be found in the conference gn.netnews, or by email from 'womeninfo'.
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Gopher this and "go-fer" that...
GreenNet now has "gopher" available for all users. It is an information retrieval system that spans the electronic globe and presents many different sorts of information in a simple and helpful menu-driven form. You can reach this handy tool by typing "i" from the main command prompt and then "1" to access IGC's gopher. IGC (our partners in the US) are just a starting point, you can reach any public gopher on the Internet through the menus. It has many "ease of use" facilities built in (including a help system).
One of the best is the ability to create a personal menu of your favourite locations. By adding a "bookmark" whenever you reach something useful, you build up a menu of interesting sites and items, which will be remembered for your next excursion on the Internet. The "key keys" are "a" (minuscule) adds the current menu item to your bookmark list, "A" (majuscule) adds a menu or search to your bookmark list... "v" will view your current bookmarks.
Another useful tip to help keep your bills lower is to email information back to yourself instead of reading it all online. You only have to type your email address once as Gopher will remember it for you. Alternatively you can download items in the same way as you can download mail or conference messages. Note: you must set your terminal type to vt100 or similar for the gopher menus to work. Refer to the GreenNet Manual or ask GreenNet support if you need help.
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United Nations Conference on Population and Development (1994 - Cairo, Egypt)
APC's colleague, Uruguay-based NGONET, set up a small computer communications center at the First Preparatory Committee (PrepComm) for the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in New York last May. APC and NGONET will provide similar services at subsequent PrepComms as well as the ICPD conference itself in Cairo, September 1994. Meanwhile, NGOs worldwide are preparing for ICPD in the following electronic conferences:

icpd.general -- General discussion and the exchange of documentation in preparation for the 1994 ICPD.

icpd.canada -- Discussion area for all Canadian NGOs interested in discussing their views about the ICPD.

population -- Forum to discuss the causes and possible solutions to the problems of overpopulation. -- Proceedings from the People's Perspectives on Population International Symposium, Bangladesh, (December 1993) as a preparation for ICPD 1994 conference.

women.population -- Women and population.
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New APC members: Mexico, Ukraine and Slovenia on the map
As of the December 1993 online APC Council meeting, APC has three new members, bringing the total number of networks to sixteen:

LaNeta Tlalpan 1025, col. portales, Mexico, tel: +1 (525) 277 4791 email: <>

Histria Ziherlove 43, 61 Ljubljana, Slovenija, tel: +38 (61) 211-553 fax: +38 (61) 152-107 email: <>

GlasNet-Ukraine (GLUK) 14 b Metrologicheskaya str, Kiev 252143, Ukraine tel: +7 (044) 266 9481 fax: +7 (044) 266 9475 email: <>
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Help support to help you
We at GreenNet aim to provide efficient and effective user support to help you make our system work for you. Here are some tips on how to make the most effective use of support. Remember to check the manual. Please be sure to check the GreenNet User Manual and your communications software manual to see if they can give you guidance.
Please give details when you write to 'support' to ask for help in using our system, its very important to include as many details as possible. Here are some questions we cannot answer very easily: 'I am having trouble downloading. Why?' or 'I'd like to write a script to speed things up. How do I do that?' Questions that are more likely to receive quick, complete responses look more like: 'I'm using ProComm Plus and trying to download all of my unread messages. I followed the instructions in the User Manual for downloading, using (r)ead, (u)nread. Everything seems to go alright, but when I get offline, I can't find the file containing the downloaded messages' or 'I am using ZTerm 0.9 and I'd like to automate connecting to the network. Can you provide some help?'
Important information to include
1) What type of computer you are using (IBM compatable or Macintosh).
2) What communications software you are using (ProComm, ZTerm 0.9 ....)
3) How you connect to us (Dialplus, direct dial, EUnet dial up points or telnetting in via the Internet).
4) What exactly is happening when you run into trouble.
How to respond to a message from support Finally, when you respond to a message sent to you by 'support' it is important to use the ',wcs' command in mail so that the original message is included. 'support' receives 50-75 messages every day and including previous correspondance helps us to answer your technical questions more quickly and more effectively.
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