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A Selection of Articles from GreenNet News: Spring 1995


UN World Conference on Women: Regional training workshop in Delhi
World Summit for Social Development (WSSD '95)
New Reference Manual V.2.4
Are you connecting as cheaply as possible?
GNITOOLS new version

UN World Conference on Women: Regional training workshop in Delhi
Asian Women's Electronic Networking Meeting, Indian Social Institute, Delhi, 22-27 January, 1995 was the first activity of the 'Gender and Information Technology Programme', one of the programmes coordinated by Karen Banks for GreenNet's part of the APC Women's Networking Support Programme.
Thirty-five women from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, gathered in New Delhi to explore the potential of electronic networking technologies for women as trainers, as technicians, as socially concerned and motivated activists.
The agenda was collectively and continually revised to respond to the diverse needs of the women participating. Morning sessions were allocated to a sharing of women's stories, women's histories, their experiences of new technologies, specifically communication technologies, their expectations, concerns and visions for Beijing and beyond. The Fourth World Conference on Women was high on the agenda in terms of the effectiveness of electronic networking to coordinate national level activities, as a means of accessing key United Nations Regional documents and the Platform For Action, to allow for more efficent and effective communication and information exchange.
The workshop produced many important recommendations and participants agreed to continue to follow up on activities through the conference and through national level womenUs training and outreach programmes.
The workshop closure took place on the lawns with a most glorious backdrop, that of the Taj Mahal. I think we all agreed that some feelings cannot be expressed through e-mail, reflecting on the Taj was certainly one.
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World Summit for Social Development (WSSD '95)
The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) will provide communications support for all participants in the World Summit for Social Development (WSSD) and NGO Forum to be held in Copenhagen, March 6-12 1995. Some of the conferences on GreenNet relating to WSSD are; The United Nations Research Institute on Social Development (UNRISD) will be loading documents that they have prepared which relate to the World Summit on Social Development (WSSD). This is a Read-Only conference.

list.soc-summi Discussion of the World Summit on Social Development (WSSD). NGO Forum '95 Social Summit. The contents will be news letters, application forms, information on the progress of the planning and much more.

un.socsummit Documentation pertaining to the 1995 United Nations conference on Social Development. Contains UN documents relating to the 1995 World Summit for Social Development and the meetings of its Preparatory Committee.

New Reference Manual V.2.4
We have split the GreenNet Manual into two separate booklets, Reference and Tutorial. If you already have an older manual and want an updated version you should find you only need the Reference section since the Tutorial has not been updated much from the previous editions.
If you are waiting for a manual to be sent to you, it should reach you within a few days of this newsletter.
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Are you connecting as cheaply as possible?
The reductions in UK long distance phone charges over the last year mean that in many cases it is no longer cost effective to use Dialplus local access numbers, especially if you have a high speed modem which can transfer data faster than Dialplus speeds (14,400 baud or higher).
Using British Telecom standard rates as a basis for the calculations produces the following comparisons. If you have Mercury or other long distance services or special options with BT that reduce your call charges further you will see even more advantage dialing direct to London.

Call costs of connecting to GreenNet for 3 minutes excluding VAT:

Local Long Dialplus Dialplus

to Distance 2400 9600

London to London local local

Standard 16p 28p 22p 28p

Cheap 7p 20p 13p 19p

Weekend 7p 11p 13p 19p

This table shows the amount you will pay to British Telecom plus the connection cost that GreenNet will charge you for using Dialplus or Direct Dial. On top of this you are also paying the minute charge for using GreenNet, and VAT, but those are the same whichever way you connect.
Dialplus is only really cheaper for users with 2400 baud or slower modems on weekdays. Users with 9600 baud or higher speed modems will have a faster connection dialing direct which will more than make up for the 1 penny difference in cost during weekday evenings.
Note also that you cannot use Dialplus if you are using SLIP or PPP to connect to GreenNet; given the above calculations, we did not think it worthwhile to do the technical work to enable this.
If you have access to a local service that allows telnet you may be able to cut your connections costs even further. GreenNet makes no extra charge for connecting via telnet, so, if you can use telnet for free or for the price of a local phone call, then you will save even more. It is certainly worth doing your own calculations and making sure you are using the most cost effective method for your situation.
If you need more advice on how to connect to GreenNet please contact support by phone, fax or e-mail as listed at the bottom of this page.
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GNITOOLS new version
The GreenNet Internet Tools install package for Windows now comes in a new version with registered copies of Trumpet Winsock and Netscape. Cost is 15 + VAT including disks and shipping which can be billed to your account. To order, phone, write or fax to the address below stating clearly that you want the Windows Internet Tools and giving your username and the address we should send the disks to.
If you already have a working GNITOOLS installation you can receive licenses for Trumpet and Netscape for 10, state clearly with your order that you need licenses only if this is what you require.
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