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GreenNet Newsletter: Summer 2000


You're safe with us/
E-mail file size limit/
Search our civil society news database/
Funding ideas?/
Note from billing/
Security info for MS Outlook users/
Tired of Spam?/
Better Internet searches/
GreenNet Training Dates/
New Coordinator arrives/
More summer arrivals/
New Web content volunteer/

We would like to thank all of you for your continuing support for our campaigning work. By the time you read this it is likely that the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Bill, (see will have been passed through it's next stage - with the House Of Commons accepting the Lords Amendments. The Bill now awaits Royal Assent and is likely to become law by this Autumn. With the passing of the RIP bill, the government will have unprecedented powers to intercept private communication.
The Right to Communicate has to be an essential feature of Civil Society dialogue if it is to have any real meaning or influence - and this right must be available to those working on, or offline. GreenNet is fully committed to ensuring that the Internet remains a safe and secure environment for use by Civil Society and is about to launch it's own Internet Rights Project - as part of the larger APC European Internet Rights Project - which will provide tools, policy primers and briefings, accompanied by training and capacity building to support all of our users in their work.
Thanks to those of you that have registered to vote in the ICANN elections, Civil Society representation on the Internet's governing bodies is essential as we stake our claim to the use of cyberspace for people and not for profit. We will be announcing more news on our progress via our e-mail lists.
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You're safe with us
In addition, we will be introducing a GreenNet 'User Charter' that will outline our policy on Internet Rights and detail what we will do to protect and defend your websites and online material in the face of complaints and legal threats. Unlike many Internet service providers who will remove content immediately on receipt of a complaint, GreenNet will do all it can to defend the content you trust us to host.

E-mail file size limit
To avoid problems with e-mail congestion we will be introducing a single message limit for incoming mail of 10MB. Messages received by us above this size will be returned to the sender with an explanatory message. If you routinely receive messages above 10MB please ask the sender to either split up or compress the file. We recommend that you do not send out messages larger than 2MB without asking the recipient first.

Search our civil society news database
GreenNet are pleased to announce that we have an exciting new service in place, a searchable database of articles from the InterPress Third World News Agency (IPS) newsfeed. The IPS specialises in providing news articles about Civil Society and political issues in developing countries; some have called it The Reuters for the South.
It is an invaluable resource for researchers and campaigners alike and makes excellent leisure reading for people with an interest in the current affairs of developing countries.
The database can be accessed through any web browser. You can search the headlines/titles of the articles by keyword(s) and/or date, and then read the articles themselves in your web browser. It really couldnt be easier.
There are approximately 30 new postings a day and our database is updated regularly. So check it out!
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Funding ideas?
GreenNet wants to develop modular trainings on online activism and various training specifically for women and is looking for funders to help equip a small training suite at our offices. We would be interested to hear from groups that have fundraised for similar projects to share their knowledge and experience. Any ideas? Contact Phil. E-mail:

Note from Billing
Dear Users,
I don't wish to be a billing bore BUT we really do need bills to be paid on time. As you all know we are a 'not for profit' company; this means that what we charge for services to cover our overheads, so we do not have a surplus of money to cover costs if the cash stops flowing.
Currently there are many users who are not paying their bills regularly. Of course we understand that everyone is working on a tight budget but we are all in the same position and we should be using our limited resources for better purposes than chasing users for money.
Up to this point we have been reluctant to suspend unpaid accounts but sadly now we will have to start being very strict about non-payment and we will be suspending access for overdue accounts.
I hope that you can appreciate the position that we are in and can respect the fact that just like any other voluntary sector organisation we do need to receive payment in order to function.
We would like to encourage people to pay by standing order or credit card so that problems can avoided on both sides. Any comments or queries about your account should be sent to
Thank you for your understanding and support. Hattie (Scrooge2).
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Security info for MS Outlook users
Microsoft has recently issued a warning about Malformed E-mail Header Vulnerability; a potential security problem with the following programs:
Outlook Express 4.0
Outlook Express 4.01
Outlook Express 5.0
Outlook Express 5.01
Outlook 98
Outlook 2000
The bug has the potential to allow hackers to transfer malicious code (viruses) to your computer via an e-mail without detection. This could cause Outlook or Outlook Express to fail. In a more serious case, it could cause the code of a malicious users choice to execute on the your computer. Such code could take action on your machine, like reformatting the hard drive, communicating with an external web site, or changing data on the computer.
GreenNet suggest that if you use any of the affected products you download and apply the latest security patches from Microsofts website.

Tired of Spam?
Then we have some good news for you . Spamcop is an organisation dedicated to stopping unsolicited mail by bringing the instigators to the attention of their ISPs. SpamCop helps you punish spammers for sending you their junk mail. The service is free and is available from their website:
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Better Internet searches
Do you find it frustrating trying to find the information you want on the web? Surveys conducted about the Internet often highlight quick and effective searches as being the Internet's holy grail. Different search engines like Lycos or Yahoo for instance use different criteria for indexing sites and users can get wildly different results from using them.
There are a number of newish search engines that work by searching the content of other search engines thereby saving you a lot of work. A favorite at GreenNet is Google which claims to search over one thousand million web pages and has a very refreshing absence of advertising.
Ask Jeeves is a UK based search engine that allows you to input searches in plain english like Where are the Isles of Scilly?, and quickly returns its own results and pages from mainstream search engines like Altavista and Lycos and more obscure ones like UKmax and Mirago.
Finally there is Dogpile, which despite its unusual name performs a very similar function to both Google and Ask but searches yet another set of search engines. The down side is some intense advertising. Go to:
Happy searching!
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GreenNet Training Dates......
GreenNets Internet and e-mail courses are designed for both beginners and intermediate users. We cover; how the Internet works, getting connected, navigating the web, effective searches, mailing lists, address books and much more.

Internet and e-mail. Eudora and Netscape
August 8th (Tues)
September 5th (Tues)
October 3th (Tues)

Internet and e-mail. Outlook express / Internet explorer
August 10th (Thurs)
September 7th (Thurs)
October 4th (Wed)

Evening class start 6.30pm at GreenNet's offices. 23.50 GN Users. 35.25 Non GN Users.

Our Web design courses are an excellent foundation in designing your own website. Starting with the bare HTML you will learn how to design and build a website and learn everything you need to know to put it all on line.

Introduction to Web Design weekend workshops:
June 10th & 11th
July 1st & 2nd
August 19th & 20th
176.25 GN Users. 352.50 non GN users

E-mail for more info and bookings.
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New Coordinator arrives
GreenNet would like to introduce our new coordinator Joanne Doyle. She's responsible for overseeing our strategic planning process, recruiting and overseeing volunteers, and marketing our products and services. Joanne comes from a voluntary sector background joining us from Coral Cay Conservation where she worked as a volunteer recruitment manager. 'I'm really excited to be working for a unique organisation like GreenNet. I would encourage all of GreenNets users to get in contact with me if they have ideas about marketing opportunities for us like advert and service swaps.' said Joanne. E-mail:

More summer arrivals
Chris Fox is our new Administration assistant. Chris is with us as part of a New Deal placement and we hope he will enjoy his time here and learn many useful new skills.

New Web content volunteer
Very exciting times here at GreenNet! David Speakman is volunteering with us three days a week as a web content volunteer. The job involves the final presentation of the news items on our website, establishing reciprocal links with other organisations and updating our members directories. Welcome aboard!
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