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A Selection of Articles from GreenNet News: Summer 1993


A wealth of resources: Internet access from GreenNet
New features from our upgrade
Support Networking in Developing Countries - How You Can Help

A wealth of resources: Internet access from GreenNet
The Internet is a huge "network of networks" encompassing most academic and many commercial computers with a vast range of freely accessible resources, from library catalogues to weather reports to specialised databases and archives. Links within the Internet usually have no volume or per minute charges so having dialled into one point, you can get to the rest at little or no extra cost. Telnet is the program you use to connect from one Internet computer to another:
We'll add useful services to the data menu as we find them so tell us what you think is useful. Charges are at the usual GreenNet per minute connect rates while you "telnet", there are no extra costs even if you are connected across the other side of the world!
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New features from our upgrade
Upgrading to our new computer has brought some improvements and new features, a selection of which are highlighted here. For more information on any of them please contact GreenNet User Support by email to support or by phone, post or fax.
You can now run searches for keywords in topic titles across all conferences in the system, the results are sent to you via e-mail in about ten minutes (system load permitting). Run it by entering confscan at the main command menu and following the instructions.
Forwarding: if you wish to set up mail forwarding yourself choose 'f' for (f)orward from under (s)etup (not shown in the menus). Only do this if you're sure of what you're doing, if you set it up incorrectly you could lose mail. It is also possible to forward to more than one address and keep a copy in your own account, but this must be set up by support.
Aliases ('nicknames'): long addresses or a long list of addresses can be abbreviated to one short "alias" to save typing them each time. Support must set them up for you.
Mailing Lists: if you know people who want to receive conference postings from your conference but they are not GreenNet users you can ask us to set up a mailing list for that conference that will send each posting to their e-mail address. The reverse of this, mailing messages into conferences, now works from outside GreenNet too: address the message to: <confname> on GreenNet this can be shortened to: conf:<confname> or <confname>@conf
New full-screen editor P PICO: there is now an alternative to 'millie', the editor you use when you write a message on GreenNet. To use PICO, select (s)etup from the main command line, then select (e)ditor and follow the prompts. PICO automatically 'line-wraps' (inserts <RETURN> for you near the end of lines) and it understands your cursor keys! If you have trouble with these two things, then change to PICO and forget about long lines and rows of [A[A[A[A in your texts. PICO is not the best choice for everyone, though. If you connect by international X25 (PDN) then you pay per character sent, and PICO would increase your bill dramatically. If you have a modem slower than 2400 baud you will find that PICO is a bit too frustratingly slow to bother with.
Prompts: the brief prompts have become shorter and the long menus have been tidied up for consistency. You can change your prompts by choosing (s)etup at the main command menu, followed by "m" for (m)enu which gives you the option of brief, short or long menus.
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Support Networking in Developing Countries - How You Can Help
GreenNet provides one of the few email gateways to the African continent and parts of Asia. Communication costs to these areas are usually far higher than within Europe or North America, and the groups there are often much poorer too, imposing a double barrier to access to communications.
Please help us to maintain and extend the low-cost links we are running. The information exchanged through these links is a vital ingredient in the development projects running in these regions and a powerful tool for self help. Furthermore, it enables NGOs to participate in the global policy debates that shape their and our future, thus contributing to justice and equality worldwide. Your regular monthly, or one-off contribution can sustain this vital work. All donations will go specifically towards maintaining and improving African and Asian links. To make your contribution, complete the following and return it to GreenNet. Thank you for your support.

Name:................................ Username:.................. <>Amount: PST.......... * One-off (enclosed) or * Monthly on my GreenNet bill until further notice (delete one.)
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Thankyou! ~ To everyone who has helped to make these improvements possible:
* Brian Coan from IGC who spent most of the last 6 weeks with us setting up the new system and teaching us how to look after it. He worked incredibly hard and kept his great sense of humour even in the worst moments at 4am!
* New-Land Foundation in the US who provided the funds for the new computer.
* Geoff Sears and all other staff at Institute for Global Communications (IGC) for arranging the grant from New-Land Foundation, for lending us Brian and for all the miscellaneous administrative work this produced for them.
* Steve Fram and Scott Weikhart of the technical team at IGC who sorted out and purchased most of the equipment for us.
*IDRC and NIRVCentre (Web) in Canada, for the funding to connect GreenNet to the Internet as part of the African Development project.
* All of the suppliers who gave us discounts, in particular, Chernikeeff for the CISCO router, EUNet Britain (GBNet/UKNet) for the Internet connection, and Productivity Computer Solutions Ltd for the Exabyte tape drive.
* Jeremy Mortimer, Ian Harding, and Lee McLoughlin, for technical advice and support.
* All of you users for your patience when things haven't worked right, or we've been too busy to answer your questions promptly.
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