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GreenNet Newsletter: Summer 1999


New services
Lower prices
Direct debit
APC toolkit project near completion
WomenAction 2000
New trainings
Training dates
News in brief

New services
Thanks also to all of you who have started using our new faster outgoing mail server. I'm sure that those of you who have are very pleased with the noticeable increase in speed.
If you haven't made the switch already, or are not sure if you have or not, phone support and speak to Phil or Liz. We can talk you through a few simple changes that will make a great deal of difference to sending your mail. The details of how to make the changes are also available on our website:-
We are currently finalising support for a number of cheap office local area network (LAN) email solutions. UUCP and MS Exchange Server are two of the more popular services that we are committed to supporting. If your office is considering implementing any LAN email solutions and need any advice please speak to Phil or Karen on 0207 713 1941

New, lower prices!
We are obviously aware of the pressure on prices that the advent of Freeserve and other cut price ISPs has brought to the market. We have been in negotiations with our main supplier to bring their prices down so that we can pass the saving on to you.
Although we have been looking at alternatives, at present we would rather stay with our current suppliers, as their service is comparatively good and it saves having to change phone numbers and configurations again. Once we have confirmed a new price structure with them we'll work on all our prices, which should come into effect on 1st November 99, and contact you all via e-mail. So expect to hear from us very soon on this one.
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Direct Debit (coming soon...)
Apologies for those still waiting for a form to fill out to pay by Direct Debit. We've hit a snag while getting our application processed by the bank, but we hope that we'll be able to send the forms out to people soon.
In the meantime, if you have not requested a Direct Debit form yet please send a message to, and we'll send them out as soon as we can.

APC Toolkit Project nearing completion
If you thought that e-commerce was the most exciting thing happening on the Internet right now you haven't heard of the Community and Collaboration Toolkit Project. As the Internet becomes more commercial, civil society organisations need to claim part of cyberspace for themselves and need appropriate tools to do it.
The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) are running the Toolkit Project to make it easier for civil society organisations to communicate with each other and the rest of the world using information technology. On a small scale, the Toolkit's discussion groups and publishing tools will help groups carve out their own space on the Internet and build online communities. On a larger scale, the APC's tools will create a civil society equivalent of information portal sites like 'Freeserve' and 'Yahoo'. The potential of this for the way we work is quite revolutionary.
The tools include 'Action Applications' which include shared events calendars and urgent action alert software that can be plugged in to your web sites. That information can be connected to and fed into applications that will publicise events on information portal sites all over the world. The toolkit also contains applications to help online lobbying and advocacy, and instruments to help create and organise new 'virtual offices'.
The project is being managed by APC's Mark Surman (pictured) and GreenNet is assisting with the marketing. Some of the marketing will involve finding groups that are prepared to help test trial software and we may be approaching GreenNet users to help with this. The first set of tools are due for release this Autumn. More info:
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WomenAction 2000
A report from Karen Banks, APC Women's Program coordinator, on the recent conference in Seoul, Korea.
During the 43rd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, representatives of regional and international information and communication networks met to discuss strategies for using electronic networking as part of the Beijing Plus Five review process, and to share experiences on advocacy.
Firstly it was decided that NGOs need:
l a way of continuing the discussion around the Beijing plus Five review framework
l a way of collecting and sharing the national and regional NGO alternative report
l a clearing house for all important information devoted to NGO initiatives and information around the Beijing Plus Five process
l a way of continuing the discussion around NGO access and participation in UN meetings in general and the Special Session on Beijing Plus Five specifically
l a way of monitoring and reviewing specific actions to be taken on critical areas of concern

Global and regional websites
Seed money has been raised and work is underway in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, USA and Canada to develop global and regional websites as "platforms" for Beijing Plus Five review process information.
The global website will be housed at GreenNet and mirrored globally. The site is being built at with sections being added as regions develop their strategies and funding becomes available.
For instance, the International Women's Tribune Centre's Preview 2000 is already on the website and we're almost ready to add links to existing regional and thematic networks. GreenNet's Liz Probert is currently working on the site. Global and Regional Training Workshops
Training and capacity building for regional facilitators of on-line working groups and regional website coordinators will take place in as many regions as we can raise funds for. The Asian workshop has already taken place in Seoul;
The European workshop will take place in late August, the African regional workshop will take place in Johannesburg in early September and a global workshop will take place in Seoul at the end of September at Sookmyung International Women's University, bringing together the work of all the regions.
The APC Women's Networking Support Programme is responsible for providing training and technical support to the process.
All those interested in learning more about the above initiatives are invited to send a message to Karen Banks -
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GreenNet Trainings
New trainings are in the pipeline. We now have a small training suite at our offices which can accommodate up to six trainees per session. We are designing a couple of new beginners courses, one for people using Netscape and Eudora, and another for people who use Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.
Intermediate courses will cover advanced use of the Internet and how to use News groups and conferences. Eventually we will be offering trainings in online campaigning. Contact Phil on 0207 713 1941 for more info.

Training Dates......

  • Beginners guide to the Internet and email:
    evening class starts 6.30pm
    August 12th (Thurs) September 21st (Tues) October 19th (Tues) 25 (+vat) per person
  • Introduction to Web Design weekend workshops:
    14th & 15th August 18th & 19th September
    150 (+vat) GN Users 90 (+vat) unwaged GN users 300 (+vat) non GN users

Contact for more info and bookings
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New Web Content Volunteer
We would like to welcome David Fretwell who has joined us as a volunteer working on our website. David edits the front page of our web site which is ever growing in popularity as a 'portal' for civil society activists from the UK and world wide. We try to highlight breaking news stories, urgent actions, news from GreenNet (GN) and more importantly the activities of you, our users.
David is also working on a few other projects; revising the way we categorise and index members websites on the GN website and our links to sites outside GN to make information easily accessible to you. He is also checking and updating all of our links to outside organisations. If you are interested in any of the work he is doing, want to publicise your news on our website, or need information on the possibility of reciprocal links between outside web sites, contact

GreenNet would like you to welcome our new technician, Chris Whitehouse. Before coming to GreenNet Chris worked in local government as a Novell Netware Network technician. Chris has the very enviable qualities of being calm in a crisis combined with patience with machines...ideal!
We would also like to welcome Irfan Patel who is working in our finance office and Dawn Pearcey who is joining us as a volunteer fundraiser.
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Mokuria Belay, our Office Administrator for 4 years, is leaving us. We would like to thank Mokuria for all of his hard work and excellent company throughout the years. We will all miss him and the office really will not be the same without him. Farewell Mokuria and good luck!

Technicians Available
Having problems with your computers and don't know where to go for an honest opinion? GreenNet has a number of trusted technicians that we can put you in contact with. They price jobs on an individual basis and cost well below normal market rates. They are well qualified and prefer to do work for NGOs and like minded individuals. They can usually travel outside the London area by prior arrangement. If you need any help contact and we can help fix you up.

Changing Phone Numbers
The telephone codes for London are changing yet again! The new codes will run in tandem with the old ones from now until April 2000. 0171 becomes 0207 and 0181 becomes 0208. So apart from spending more money altering your stationery please note GreenNet's number:
0207 713 1941
We will be using this on our publications from now on and encourage you to use it too.

Late Opening
After a 2 month trial we have decided not to open late on Wednesday evenings. The facility didn't prove popular enough to keep it going. We are still looking at our opening hours and welcome any suggestions that you might have to
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