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A Selection of Articles from GreenNet News: Winter 1993


Third World Security Information Project
FIDO links to Africa and Asia
HIV & AIDS on GreenNet

GreenNet has recently been joined by Ms. Fouzia Abbas who will be the information officer for the Third World Security Information Project run jointly by The North-South Defence and Security Programme at the Centre for Defence Studies, University of London, and GreenNet. The project is intended to provide researchers in developing countries with access to the type and the scale of information which people in the West generally take for granted.
The project will focus on such issues as relationship between defence and underdevelopment, the relationship between conflict and the environment, the international arms trade, including the trade in light weapons and small arms, defence expenditures, the proliferation of weapons and technologies of mass destruction, human rights and conflict and issues which emerge in the West which may have security implications for developing countries. By using existing electronic sources and supplementing these sources with material from non-electronic sources, such as newspapers and periodicals, we hope to provide a useful set of resource conferences on GreenNet which will be networked to working partners in Africa, Asia and Central and Latin America. These conferences will also be supplemented by a hardcopy and electronic journal - RInternational Security DigestS- which is published by the Centre for Defence Studies.
The International Security Digest will be available on Greennet in the conference cds.isdigest which should be up and running within the month. For further information, please write to
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FIDO links to Africa and Asia
Several new relationships have developed between GreenNet and partner hosts in Africa and Asia since our last report of Autumn 1992. For the past 2 years the TAsiaLinkU project has allowed us to faciliate links to India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Indonesia. The systems in India (Bombay and Delhi) have been offering email services to a steadily growing number of local NGOs and connect to both GreenNet and GreenNet FIDO regularly. Systems in Bangladesh and Indonesia are both in the early stages of development and we should be able to give you contact information in the next newsletter. We hope to see new links to Sri Lanka and Nepal within the next 3 to 6 months. The hosts in Africa continue to grow strongly with hosts offering networking services to bewteen 20 and 200 users. New hosts have emerged in Cote dUIvoire and Malawi and hosts in Ghana, The Gambia and Tanzania are now connecting regularly to international gateways.
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HIV & AIDS on GreenNet
HIVNET is an international computer network where information about hiv aids can be exchanged and discussed. Anyone with a computer and a modem can find the most recent information in HIVNET or make contact with others who are concerned. At the moment, HIVNET is a computer bulletin board system (bbs) in Amsterdam. Daily information and messages are exchanged with other bulletin boards in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Besides that, HIVNET is permanently connected to the computer of the University of Amsterdam and has access to larger research-networks. Therefore HIVNET has access to USENET, a worldwide network of large computers. Through this network scientists, students, physicians, and also individuals can communicate all over the world. Besides messages and discussions HIVNET contains a lot of information about the latest medicines, trials, conferences and other developments.
Furthermore HIVNET contains a library of the most recent leading magazines from all over the world e.g. Aids Treatment News and BETA. These magazines appear in HIVNET sometimes even weeks before they are available in the shops. For a minimum cost you get very fast information from all over the world. HIVNET is meant for all who are concerned with the problems of HIV and AIDS.
This group includes: 1) People who are personally concerned, like people with AIDS, seropositive's, their friends, buddies and other relations, and also anyone who wants to know more about HIV in general. 2) Professionally concerned people like scientists, (family) doctors and professional health-workers or any other care-givers, who are concerned with prevention, 3) Organisations and institutions which can be divided into: a) large institutions like hospitals, medical faculties and nursing-homes; b) organisations for prevention, self-help organizations and a community of interest like: HIV Vereniging Nederland, groups for drug-users, ACT UP!, Fight for Life.
Next to the development and maintenance of the computer network, HIVNET organizes inquiry demonstrations and workshops in and outside the Netherlands. Furthermore we stimulate the set up of similar networks in foreign countries whereby our major action point always will be the exchange of information and experience. HIVNET is a joint venture of the HIV Vereniging Nederland and the HIVNET Foundation. For more information, contact: HIV Vereniging P.C. Hooftstraat 5, Postbus 15847 1001 NH Amsterdam Tel 020-6644076 email contact: or
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