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GreenNet's subscriptions are organised into packages/bundles of services. We have put them together according to the most common networking needs of our different users. If you cannot find a membership package that suits you exactly, do let us know by e-mailing GreenNet Support or ring 0845 055 4011 and we will do our best to develop a customised subscription package for you. All prices include VAT unless otherwise indicated.

Membership Options

Membership Name Home/Activist
Home/Activist Plus
Small Group
Organisational Maxi
Annual fee £70.50
(60 ex VAT)
(90 ex VAT)
(150 ex VAT)
(250 ex VAT)
(600 ex VAT)
Monthly fee £7.05
(6 ex VAT)
(9 ex VAT)
(15 ex VAT)
(25 ex VAT)
(60 ex VAT)
Broadband monthly £27.50
(23.40 ex VAT)
(25.90 ex VAT)
(31.31 ex VAT)
from £52.87
(45 ex VAT)
from £94.00
(80 ex VAT)
Webspace 100MB 100MB 200MB 500MB 1GB
E-Mail boxes (POP/IMAP) 1 1 5 20 40
Domain name No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Local call rate access No No No Yes Yes
Database No No Yes Yes Yes
Mailing list No No No No 3
Online application Apply for Home/Activist Apply for Home/Activist Plus Apply for Small Group Apply for Organisational Apply for Maxi

Broadband / ADSL Service

All of our packages can be combined with a Broadband service. Additionally, we offer a standalone Broadband service. The basic broadband service is ADSL Max (up to 8 MBit downstream / 448 kb/s upload) with a 2 GByte monthly transfer limit and a contention ratio of 1:50.
The transfer excess charge is £2.35 (2 ex VAT) per 1 GByte. The activation fee for broadband is £47 (40 ex VAT). GreenNet Broadband comes with a fixed IP address free of charge.

GreenNet Broadband Service (includes one GreenNet E-mail address) £24.50 (20.85 ex VAT) Apply for Broadband

Upgrade Option Monthly Fee
10 GByte transfer limit £4.70 (4 ex VAT)
40 GByte transfer limit (fair usage) £12.35 (10.50 ex VAT)
512 kb/s downstream unlimited (256 kb/s upload) £2.35 (2 ex VAT)
1024 kb/s downstream unlimited (256 kb/s upload) £6.47 (5.50 ex VAT)
High traffic priority (contention ratio 1:20) £8.80 (7.50 ex VAT)
High traffic priority (contention ratio 1:20) + 100 GByte transfer limit £38.78 (33 ex VAT)

Note that these options can be mixed and matched. If you need any help with chosing the right upgrade contact GreenNet Support or ring 0845 055 4011.

More Services

Service Name Features Monthly Fee Annual Fee
Domain Service Domain name, Web forwarding, E-mail Forwarding, DNS Hosting n/a £35.25
(30 ex VAT)
Domain Parking Domain name registration only n/a £14.10
(12 ex VAT)
Mailing list 1 Mailman mailing list n/a £58.75
(50 ex VAT)
Additional Mail boxes Up to 5 E-Mail boxes depending on the type of your membership:
Home / Activist (Plus) 1 E-Mail box
Small Group 5 E-Mail boxes
Organisational 5 E-Mail boxes
(5 ex VAT)
(50 ex VAT)
Database 1 MySQL Database £29.38
(25 ex VAT)
Dialup Internet access via a local call rate 0845 number £5.87
(5 ex VAT)
(50 ex VAT)
FRIACO Fixed Rate Internet Access (requires a BT line) £16.45
(14 ex VAT)
Credit card required
Global Roaming (iPass) For connecting to the internet in over 100 countries £17.63 + usage
(15 ex VAT)
ADSL See above
Virtual Server
SSH root access, GNU/Debian Linux pre-installed. Contact GreenNet Support for details
from £35 from £420
Co-location 1U, 1Mbit burstable, rented or own Hardware. Contact GreenNet Support for details n/a from £2400


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