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GreenNet Design specializes in creating accessible, usable, and stylish websites for NGOs and the not-for-profit community at a price you can afford. Staff have extensive experience in making sites that work for positive change. If you would like to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your requirements, and get a detailed quote, or just for a general chat about what is possible, please contact Anna, or Michael on 0845 055 4011.

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GreenNet develops websites that focus on maximising your content and minimising the effort needed to get it online. We work with, and develop Content Management Systems (CMSs) to help make light work of your Content management requirements.

Content Management Systems are tools that can be used to add new sections to existing sites, or form the basis of developing a new site from scratch. They take out the work and effort that lies between producing content and getting it onto your site. You simply add text, images, urls, whatever content you want, into a web-based form, and click to insert. The content is automatically formatted, organised and indexed according to your house-style rules. At GreenNet we work mostly with a CMS called ActionApps, developed by the APC for NGOs, by NGO workers, and also with the more modularised content management system, Drupal.

GreenNet Web Projects
can provide a low cost solution that means you are able to get content online within minutes and update it just as easily. This content can be shared with other organisations, sister groups and across networks. The end result is an informative, up to date site, with information readily available and easy to search. GreenNet sites are:

  • Fast & Easy - simple forms that means information is online in minutes, without html skills
  • Automatic - regular news, events, action alerts, member lists, and more, can be easily automated
  • Collaborative - Unique Content Pooling features helps networks share ideas and build interactive communities to save time and money, and keep people coming back to your site.

Why do I need a dynamic website?

Having a dynamic website is essential for people who need to publish their content quickly, and disseminate it widely, with as little cost and hassle as possible. ActionApps enables people publishing information to integrate the work of producing their content with publishing it online. So there is no extra preparation needed in getting documents onto the website. You simply paste them into the special web-based form and once you've clicked to Insert, the document is published.

Just imagine...
  • Action Alerts going on the web site as soon as they're emailed out to your mailing lists.
  • News stories getting published online just as soon as they've been written.
  • Details of your forthcoming events or publications being flagged up on your website as soon as the press release is done.
  • Job vacancies being advertised online as soon as you've written the job spec.
  • Your calendar of events becoming a really useful tool for your users to find out what's coming up.
  • The links to useful web resources on your site getting updated just as soon as you've heard they need changing.

In short, you can put the focus back where it should be - on producing great content that goes online quickly and is easy to update...and because that's what ActionApps have been designed to do, they do it brilliantly:

  • Your content will be added to your site in a logically organised way.

  • The pages will be easy to browse and search through.

  • All your documents will be formatted according to the exact standards of your house-style.

Want a new website? Grow your own!

Don't know the first thing about webdesign? Not sure how you'll manage to keep it updated? Haven't got the resources to launch a great big web project?

GreenNet has a website seedling ready for you now. It's already got a calendar, a discussion forum, a photo gallery and plenty of space for everything you want online. All you need is to cultivate it with some content - no special software and no expert skills. You can choose from a range of styles, or experiment and let it flower with your own colours and designs. Each site comes with a instructions and training, and of course there's GreenNet's friendly user support to call on if you ever get stuck.

Websites to Grow for just £275 (incl VAT). Write to gndesign@gn.apc.org now for more details.

Sites built by GreenNet Web Projects:

BNA Online Subscription Payment Form and Private Members Area
for the British Naturalists' Association

This secure online payment system was custom written in PHP for the British Naturalists' to handle subscriptions via the website. The form was incorporated into the existing site without the need to make adaptations to any other parts of the site.

BCO Alliance
for the Building Communications Opportunities Initiative

This site was built using the Drupal content management system, and includes a combination of spaces that offer a mix of publicly accessible information and private workspace zones. The site offers members of the alliance meeting rooms for collaborative work complete with wiki functionality and calandar tools. There are also open spaces for disseminating content more widely.

IWPR Intranet
for the Institute of War and Peace Reporting

This private workspace site was built using the Drupal content management system, and includes a calendar and special file management system - developed specifically for this project, but now available to all Drupal-driven sites. The file store area allows for workers' local files to be organised and shared in the folders of the Intranet using a 'drag & drop' method.

GeneWatch UK
for GeneWatch

A not-for-profit group that monitors developments in genetic technologies, and that campaigns for safeguards for people, animals and the environment. The site is packed with articles and statistics so that we can better understand how these technologies are used. Tired of working with the limitations of their old ASP database, Genewatch opted for ActionApps to manage their content online. The site includes new functionality for simple user-manipulation of the main navigational menu

Bristol Creatives
for Bristol East Side Traders

A simple and functional Drupal site for people involved in the arts in Bristol to publicise their work, and share information.

Development Education Association
for DEA

A resource rich site of materials and services for the education sector, that includes a structured database of contacts and publications.

Gender Research in Africa into ICTs for Empowerment

A multi lingual site designed to act as the central project working space for a network of women researchers across Africa. The site elegantly combines public spaces for displaying project reports, and private areas for the researchers to collaborate online.

FairTrade Football Quiz
for Fair Trade Foundation

A cool interactive quiz for punters to test their knowledge of ethical footballs and win a fairly traded, stitched football in to the bargain. The quiz uses php scripting to offer a bunch of multiple choice questions, and cleverly prevents the same user competing twice.

Hackney Carers
for Hackney Carers

A 3 slice site, with very simple functionality for editing and extending the main navigational menu. The site brings together AA-driven content and forums, powered by Phorum software.

Fair Trade Foundation Calendar
for Fair Trade Foundation

Calendar of events for the Fair Trade Foundation that uses a stylish calendar grid. The calendar was set up and being used within 48 hours!

Institute of War and Peace Reporting
for IWPR

Multi-lingual resource on media coverage of Balkan conflict zones, with capacity to handle a range of right-left and top-down non-western scripts, on the same page.

Fibre For Africa
for the APC

A single issue campaign site built at great speed to support the campaign for affordable international bandwidth in Africa, in time for the Mobassa consultations on the EASSY cable.

Catia Animators Campaign Sites
for APC

Single Issue Campaign sites based on a generic template, that can have look and feel elements customised via the Item Manager.

Global Transparency Initiative
for Bretton Woods Project

Website for coalition of organisations monitoring political transparency worldwide.

ESF 2004
for European Social Forum

This site was required to form the main administrative organ of the event. It includes a multilingual system that can handle publication of content in five languages and which displays documents in their original language if no translation is available. In this way, no matter which language version of the site you are in, and how few documents exist in that language, you can always see all relevant documents.
We worked with WorldPay (WP) for processing online registration fees, and successfully dove-tailed the ActionApps registration slice with the WP system, so that data could be passed on through from the site's own submission forms, to WP for secure payment.

IFI Watchnet Shared Area
for IFIWatchnet

The IFI Watchnet Shared Area features a discussion board that integrates the Phorum Message Board with ActionApps. It features an elaborate permissions system (Note: The Shared Area requires a login. Please contact us if you would like to know more about it.) The Shared Area was developed together with Philip King

Privacy International
for Privacy International

This is an extensive news slice. It features a two-level category menu, and further menus that allow to narrow down the selection of listed items. The extensive database contains hundreds of articles.

Bretton Woods Project
for Bretton Woods Project

Critical voices on the World Bank and IMF.

for Mathaba News Network

Mathaba News Network is a Pan African and Alternative News portal.

Conference of Socialist Economists
for CSE-Web

This site houses a 26 year archive of CSE's journal, 'Capital and Class'. It includes a secure online subscription feature, a HTDig/AA integrated search, and PDF previews of back issues.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML)

This is a content rich site that includes news, Calls to action and Publications, all thematically and regionally categorised and searchable. Items are available in english, arabic and french

IFI Watchers Network
for IFI Watchers Network

The IFI Watchers Network calendar enables groups from around the world to post information on events relevant to others working in the same field. The Bretton Woods Project is leading the development of the calendar, but sees it as a resource of, and for, its global users. The calendar forms the first stage in an evolving network project to share FAQs, newslinks, resources, meeting notes, contacts and collective coordination strategies.

Electronic Immigration Network (EIN) site
for Electronic Immigration Network

This site uses many aa databases to create a dynamic web site of legal information and resources on asylum and immigration. It includes an innovative 'bundle-maker' for gathering together useful documents during browsing, and a unique search facility based on the famous EIN multi-layered glossary. The site contains a open and private sections.


A good site needs to be kept up-to-date. Once your site is on-line, we will be happy to help with future developments. Our designers can maintain your site, we can add or change images and text, design additional sections on a once off basis, or work out a maintenace contract for regular updating of your site. Call Anna on 0845 0554011 to discuss your needs.

Database Design
GreenNet offers the use of MySQL database-driven pages, using PHP pages to pull information out of a database and display results on the web. This can be used for a variety of tasks from dynamic content to bulletin boards.

The cost for activating MySQL databases for your site is 29.38 (inc. VAT) annually, and is included free for Small Group or Organisational membership. If you are not familiar with the development of online databases using these tools you will also need to find a developer to help you, and GreenNet may be able to help with this too. Enquiries to wwwadmin@gn.apc.org with details of the work required. We will give you a quote based on those details so you can decide whether or not you want to go ahead.

Add-ons for websites

See here for a complete list of add-ons for your web site.


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