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GreenNet E-mail accounts come with a tool that tries to recognise unwanted E-mail (so called 'Spam') and labels them accordingly.
In most cases GreenNet can not stop senders of these E-mails from doing so - they keep changing their E-mail addresses and the mail servers they (ab)use.

Secondly, the tool does sometimes misidentify E-mail as 'spam' which is not. Therefore, if GreenNet blocked these messages completely you might lose valuable E-mails. The more obvious spam is rejected, but there will always be borderline cases which are difficult to reliably filter out.


That is why GreenNet recommends setting up 'Spam' filters in your E-mail program. Filters (sometimes also called 'Filter Rules' or 'Mail Filters') allow your E-mail program to automatically detect messages which GreenNet servers marked as 'Spam' and move them to your trash box or junk mail folder. This also gives you a chance to look at them and check whether any of them were misidentified.

Setting up a Filter

Follow the links below for instructions on how to set up a 'Spam' filter in your E-mail program (if your E-mail program is not listed please send an E-Mail to and we will add instructions for it as soon as possible).


Netscape, Mozilla and Thunderbird

Pegasus Mail


Outlook Express 6, sadly, does not support filtering based on special header fields. We can, if neccesary, alter the subject line of suspected spam to assist filtering. Contact if you require this.

Check this GreenNet Forum for more instructions and to add your own instructions

Further Reading

For other ideas on anti-spam measures, and a discussion of what GreenNet is doing against spam, please click here.

If you are interested in how the 'anti-spam' tool works, you might like to follow this link to the SpamAssassin homepage.

GreenNet's anti-spam tool is powered by the
OpenSource program SpamAssassin.

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