Filtering Spam with Pegasus
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Pegasus Mail v4 has its own spam-control system, which can be turned on under Tools and then Content Control, and then select Basic Spam Detection and click Enable.

You may want to take advantage of GreenNet's more advanced spam detection. This is done as follows.

Start by clicking on Tools; Mail filtering rules; Edit New Mail filtering rules, Rules applied when folder is opened. The dialog box shown below will appear:

Click on Add rule, and then choose Expression from the next dialogue. In the regular expression section type X-Spam-Flag: YES (note there is a space after the colon). Choose 'Headers Only', and change the Action to 'Move' in the drop-down list.

Then click on the Set... button, and you will be able to choose a folder to move the suspected spam to.


If there is a Junk or supicious mail folder, double-click on that to select it. Then click OK to confirm, close the New mail filtering rules window, and click OK again to save the rule set.

Finally, collect your E-mail and check that mail labelled as Spam goes directly to the Trash folder.


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