Using Internet & Email
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This course is run subject to interest and hence we have no scheduled dates. Please get in contact with Joanne, call 0845 055 4011, if you are interested. The training can be held either at the GreenNet offices or in-house.

Course Outline

What is the Internet? How does it all work?
Navigating the Internet Using a web browser

  • Undestanding the browser interface
  • Navigation
  • What are URLs and domain names
  • Bookmarks and Cookies
  • Web searches: Use 7 different search engines to hone your skills
  • E-commerce when is it safe to use your credit card !
  • Downloading files from the Internet. Zip files and PDF files.
  • Error messages and what they mean

Using electronic mail

  • What is electronic mail and what are it's advantages
  • The In and Out boxes
  • Composing, queueing and sending a message
  • Composing a message using the cc and bcc field
  • Receiving a message (The inbox)
  • Checking your outgoing mail (the outbox)
  • Deleting your messages (The Trash Can or sent messages)
  • Creating and using e-mail signature
  • Creating and using an address book
  • Creating e-mail lists
  • Attaching documents to an e-mail
  • Compressing files to send as attachments
  • Copying and pasting to and from e-mail messages
  • Do's and don'ts
  • Garbled attachments, mime and uuencoding
  • Using .rtf format to save documents




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