Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
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Using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). PGP is the strongest encryption software available to domestic computer users. You can use PGP to send and receive encrypted e-mail, encrypt documents and digitally sign messages and downloads for autenticity. PGP also has a set of disk tools aimed specifically at the privacy and security concious computer user.
This course is run subject to interest and hence we have no scheduled dates. Please get in contact with Joanne, call 0845 055 4011, if you are interested. The training can be held either at the GreenNet offices or in-house.

Course Outline

  • Installing PGP
  • Generating a key pair
  • Backing up your key pair
  • Your PGP keyring and distributing your public key
  • Copying other peoples public keys to your keyring
  • Obtaining keys from a PGP key server
  • Verifying third party keys
  • Encrypting a message
  • Decrypting a message
  • Digitally signing a message
  • Verifying a digitally signed messages
  • Encrypting documents and files
  • Making self extracting archives
  • Using PGP to wipe your hard disk
  • Limitations of PGP

Required skills
Attendees should be comfortable with installing and configuring programs on Windows or Mac OS. Should also have a good knowlegde of e-mail and be comfortable with all of the main features of Outlook Express.



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